By: Gul Mohammad Tanha , Date:21/06/2019
FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): The voter registration process for the presidential election in Badakhshan province has been lackadaisical, officials said on Friday. The sluggish process was linked to the remote location of vo... Read More
By: Gul Mohammad Tanha , Date:15/12/2018
FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Hundreds of passengers have been trapped as supporters of a Wolesi Jirga candidate kept closed a major highway in northeastern Badakhshan province for a fifth day in a row on Saturday.... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:04/11/2018
FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): The inspection and recount of votes of 60 polling stations in northeastern Badakhshan province have been kicked off in coordination with the Independent Election Commission (IEC), officials said... Read More

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FAIZABAD (PAN): Badakhshan Governor Dr Shah Wali Adib has said the election date set for April 5 is not a proper time because most people in the northeastern province will be unable to reach polling stations due to heavy snows.
In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, Adib said most Badakhshan residents had been issued with voter cards and they were interested in participating in the presidential and provincial elections.

FAIZABAD (PAN): Underlining transparency in the upcoming elections, people of Badakhshan expressed concerns that security problems could hamper conducting elections in free way.
They said they would participate in the presidential and provincial elections but the concerned authorities should adopt measures to ensure peace and security ahead of the crucial stage of holding ballots.
Badakhshan including the capital center had 29 administrative units and the number of seats for male and female had not been specified for the upcoming provincial elections yet.

FAIZABAD (PAN): The strategically situated northern Badakhshan province shares borders with Tajikistan, China and Pakistan with its greater Pamir heights located on the edge with China in Wakhan district.
Heavy snowfall cause tremendous problems to the people of Badakhshan province particularly in the winter season such as blockade of dilapidated roads by avalanche, shortage of food, unemployment and spreading lawlessness.

FAIZABAD (PAN): Badakhshan people demand government to accelerate pace of reconstruction process, build factories, develop the old agriculture sector and prevent drug smuggling in the province.
The residents of the volatile province underlined the need to ensure protection of women rights.
Zabihullah Attique, member of provincial council said proper attention could not be given to develop the ailing infrastructure locally as compared to other provinces.

FAIZABAD (PAN): Long known as one of the peaceful provinces of the country, some districts of the volatile Badakhshan have now been experiencing insecurity and lawlessness due to heavy presence of militants.
Local authority said insurgents had heavy presence in Warduj, Jurm, Daraim, Orgu, Tagab and Kiran-u-Manjan districts, insisting the security forces had thwarted militants’ activities of sabotaging the peace in the province.

FAIZABAD (PAN): The vital education elsehwere in Badakhshan is facing mutliple hurldles with most of the schools have no buildings facilities.
However, strength of the students are increasing with every educational session. Due to lack of building of schools, students are forced to study under the open sky.
Badakhshan Governor Shah Walli-ul-Lah Adib says buildings of more than hundreds schools have been constructed during the three years following assistance extended by the private sector.

FAIZABAD (PAN): Hundreds of development projects such as pavement of Faizabad- Kishm Road are one of the biggest projects, which have been implemented in Badakhshan province over the few past years.
Abdul Maruf Rasikh, spokesperson of Badakhshan governor says that the main developments projects in Badakhshan include construction of roads, dams, supply of drinking water, solar electricity, clinics, retaining walls and construction of school buildings.

FAIZABAD (PAN): The people of the volatile Badakhshan have expressed satisfaction over implementation of development projects in the province but the farmers’ community complained about the dilapidated condition of roads. 
Badakhshan is one of the boarder provinces of the northeast, sharing borders with Pakistan, China and Tajikistan.
Agriculture authorities said 80% people’s life and economy depend on agriculture and livestock and in the past few years government paid more attention to develop the sectors.


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