By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:15/09/2019
PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): A number of women in western northern Baghlan province say they are deeply concerned about the deteriorated security situation in the province and fear they may not vote in this mon... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:01/05/2019
PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): The blockage of the Kabul-North highway in northern Baghlan province by supporters of a losing Wolesi Jirga candidate has created a great inconvenience for commuters and patien... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:27/04/2019
PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): One person has been killed and five others wounded as a result of clash between police personnel and protestors in northern Baghlan province. On Thursday night, the Independent Election Comm... Read More

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PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): The residents of Baghlan-i-Markazi district in northern Baghlan province on Saturday said security forces were not able to bolster security, asking the government to arm them to fight rebels.
More than 200 residents and local elders of the district gathered at governor’s office said people were fed up of Taliban’s brutality.
Amir Gul Hussainkhel, a former district chief of Baghlan-i-Markazi, said security forces could not stand against Taliban and they had gathered to demand the government to arm them for their own safety.

PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): Provincial Council (PC) members of northern Baghlan province on Thursday warned the province would fall to Taliban if urgent security measures were not adopted to ward-off looming threats.
But security officials said clearing operations were underway to purge several areas of militants.
Last week militants captured three bases and 20 check-posts after severe fighting in Dand-i-Ghori locality and Baghlan-i-Markazi district.

PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): Residents on Wednesday staged a protest demonstration, asking the government to shift the provincial capital from Pul-i-Khumri to Baghlan-i-Markazi.
Hundreds of protesters gathered in the district’s stadium and warned if the government did not consider their request, they would close the Baghlan-Kunduz highway.
Arbab Ghulam, one of the protestors, said Baghlan-i-Markazi was the provincial capital in the past and they wanted it to be restored. He added the government had promised shifting the capital many times.

PUL-I-KHUMRY (PAN): Located in northeast of the country, Baghlan is considered an impassable province of the country, which is rich in precious underground reserves.
Natural resources, in particular coalmines of Baghlan have greater fame, which are widely used by locals and exported to neighboring Pakistan too.
Karkar, Dodkash, Ahan Dara, Khurd Dara, Chinarak, Shin Dara, Alogak, Tala war and Barfak are among coalmines, which are being extracted in a non professional way by local groups, damaging most of the precious items.

PUL-I-KHUMRI (Pajhwok): The court of appeal has ruled to suspend the mayor of Pul-i-Khumri, the capital of northern Baghlan province, from his mayoral authority over law violations and failing to maintain transparency in his department’s revenue collections.
Judge Din Mohammad Quraishi told Pajhwok Afghan News eight cases had been registered against the mayor, Safar Mohammad Safar, but he was yet to appear before the court, a reason Quraishi cited for his suspension from duty.


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