By: Hadi Ghafari , Date:30/09/2019
BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): About 84,000 people or half of the total registered voters in central Bamyan province exercised their right to enfranchise in the September 28 presidential election, an official said on Monday... Read More
By: Hadi Ghafari , Date:29/08/2019
BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): Awareness program regarding biometric voting for illiterate womenhas been launched in central Bamyan province for the September 28 presidential election, an official said on Thursday. Aq... Read More
By: Hadi Ghafari , Date:12/06/2019
BAMYAN (Pajhwok): The remoteness of voter registration centers, wide-spread rigging in the Wolesi Jirga elections and lack of trust over the Independent Election Commission (IEC) are to blame for lack of p... Read More

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In Bamyan, an elderly woman and man voted in 2018 Wolesi Jirga elections.

BAMYAN (PAN): Bamyan enjoys bolstered security and is seen one of the most peaceful provinces throughout the country.
Because of its enhanced security, security of Bamyan was transitioned to Afghans from international forces.
Despite tight security, the province, however, sometimes faces security challenges from Baghlan side in Kuhmard, Sayghan, and Shiber districts. No militant group is active in the province but it faces security problems from its neighboring Maidan Wardak, Sar-i-Pul and Parwan provinces.

BAMYAN (PAN): Though the vital education sector faces no specific security related hurdles in Bamyan but lack of school buildings, textbooks and professional teachers are viewed as some of the factors hampering the education field.
Education officials and provincial council members of the province vehemently criticized the absence of skilled teachers, schools and existence of inequity on education budget allocations, particularly in Bamyan.

BAMYAN (PAN): Bamyan is identified one of the provinces having neither industrial zone nor any big or small factories to support and bolster economy of the province’s poverty-stricken masses.
Even the widely known Bamyan has an undersized bazaar, forcing people to use their items and stuff from Kabul, Mazar and Ghazni provinces.
Trade market is not booming in the province at the 4, 000 available shops do business in retail but not whole selling.

Besides national radio and television, there are two private radios and a state-run monthly outlet. The past decade saw tens of weekly and other timely outlets established but subsequently had to close down due to lack of funding. 
1-         National Radio and Television:

1 – Afghanistan Women and Children Cooperation Program (AWCP):
The association strives to enhance economic capacities of youth, children and women in central Bamyan province. AWCP is non-government and non-profit organization, which was established in 2002.
Its main branch is located in capital city of Bamyan with local branches in districts of the province. The organization serves in various fields such as education, rural development and public health. Hasan Alimi is communication in charge of AWCP.
Contacts: 0799390940

Third in rank, Bamyan is consisted of seven administrative units, Bamyan city as capital while districts include Kahmard, Panjab, Saygahn, Shibar, Waras, Yakawlang.
Earlier in 1921, Bamyan was a part of Kabul province but later in 1958, it was ruled by the government of Parwan and in 1964 Bamyan became a separate province.
Bamyan province enjoyed a first rank status before it was disintegrated from Kabul.
1-         Bamyan City: (the capital)

33-Saifora Yalkhani
Elected from: Bamyan, Votes: 5603

9 – Sayed Asadullah Jafari: 
Elected Senator from Bamyan Province:
Son of Sayed Ghazanfar Shah, Sayed Asadullah was born in 1956 in provincial capital Bamyan city of Dasht-i-Esa Khan village. He is graduated from high school in Bamyan and was affiliated with Itifaq Council during Jihad. Earlier, he served in provincial council and later became senator. Currently, he has no political affiliation.
Contact: 0702171736
10 – Hidayatullah Rehayai:
Elected Senator from Bamyan:

Nine winners of 2014 Bamyan Provincial Council (PC):
1. Abdul Ahmad Benawa:
Son of Baz Mohammad, Abdul Ahmad Benawa belongs to Duro village of Khamard district of Bamyan province. Born in 1959, he is graduated from Habibia High School in Kabul.
Earlier, he was commander of Hizb-i-Islami Afghanistan (HIA). Benawa also worked in the UN and served as teacher in the past.
Contact No: 0778438961
2. Haji HussainDadKheli:

Lt. Gen. Ghulam Ali Wahdat is the son of Nawazish Ali. He was born in Deh Sorkh village, Yakawlang district of central Bamyan province in 1955.
He completed his 12th class at his village high school while graduated from Kabul University in the field of economics in 1978.


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