By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:15/06/2019
NEILI (Pajhwok): Residents of central Daikundi province are complaining about the shortage of voter registration centers, saying women and people with disabilities are unable to register... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:14/02/2019
NELLI (Pajhwok): Some women in central Daikundi province say they are compelled to dress like men while leaving home for work outside due to negative perception regarding working women. Cultural restricti... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:20/10/2018
NELLI (Pajhwok): Some officials in central Daikundi province on Saturday said that malfunctioning of the biometric devices, unfamiliarity with the system and lack of ballot papers may deprived many residents from ca... Read More

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BAMYAN (PAN): Officials said Daikundi education witnessed immense development but residents said relevant authorities were needed to further expand the education to far-flung areas of the country.    
Residents expressed their reservations by saying that some of the schools had no buildings and were facing acute shortage of efficient and professional teachers.
Mohammad Ali Wasiq, head of Daikundi Education Department acknowledged the sector was facing challenges, adding authorities had stepped up efforts to address problems being faced by the vital sector.

NEILI (PAN): Daikundi is a newly established province where industry and investment could not flourish yet.
Neili, the capital city of Daikundi, has a small bazaar with people from Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar use to come to buy stuff.
In private sector, as many as 42 domestic and foreign organizations, one branch of Kabul Bank, eight construction companies, 30 gas stations and four telecommunication networks are functioning in Daikundi.
People of the province are not economically stable.

Daikundi: What Voters Say
NEILI (PAN): People of Daikundi expressed their resolve to take active part in the upcoming elections in an attempt to elect president and provincial council members among those who would steer the country out of crisis and ensure speedy justice.
They were of the opinion that free and fair ballots were the only way to get rid of current challenges and turmoil. “If polls are not held then Afghanistan will be turned again into a battle ground,” said the locals.

BAMYAN (PAN): Residents of the inaccessible Daikundi province pointed out dilapidated roads, lack of reconstruction projects, growing insecurity and joblessness were their main problems.
Despite getting status of a province, the mountainous Daikundi has not even a single paved road.
The people of Daikundi transport their goods and travel in tractors and Lorries because its roads are not able for plying of new and advanced passengers’ vehicles.
In some localities, people even prefer to travel on horses and donkeys because driving vehicles on the roads is impossible.

NEILY (PAN): Calling Daikundi as one of the neglected provinces in terms of development, the residents of central province accused donor agencies and the government of paying no attention to develop the province.
They identified unpaved roads, non-execution of infrastructure schemes and insecurity in some districts of the province were the main problems that could not be resolved sine last decade. Daikundi shares borders with Uruzgan and Helmand provinces.

1-      National Radio and TV:
The state-run National Radio and TV have started airing programs in 2006. It has a one hour broadcasting programs in the night. Chaman Ali Frihmand is the director of the outlet.  
Contacts: 0776241059
2-      Daikundi Radio:

Earlier, Daikundi was a district when it was upgraded to a status of a province in 2005.
Despite its fresh emergence, the province obtained substantial progress in terms of civil society establishment.
Currently, 10 civil society organizations are active in the province.
1-      Daikundi Human Rights and Civil Society Organization:
Founded in 2010, the Daikundi Human Rights and Civil Society Organizationis was earlier known as an institute of civil society cooperation.

1.      Ali Akbar Jamshidi:
Elected senator:
Son of Ibrahim, Senator Ali Akbar Jamshidi was born in Sang Takht district of Daikundi in 1974. He achieved his 12th grade education and then served as staff member of Sang Takht Bander Education Department. He discharged his duties as manager of education department of the district.
Contact: 0706699065
2.      Haji Sayyed Mohammad Sadat Nasiri:
Elected senator:

Abdul Haq:
Son of Mohib Ali, Abdul Haq was born in 1961 in Charbagh village of Sar-i-Pul provincial capital. He completed his primary education in Sar-i-Pul and then went to Imam Abu Hanifa High School in Kabul for secondary education. He received his BA degree in Islamic Education from one of the neighboring countries.
During Jihad period in 1981, he was one of the Wahdat-i-Islami Party’s founders and served as military, political and culturalcommittees’ member and spokesperson for the party.

Daikundi was recognized as a separate province nine years ago. Earlier, it was a district of Uruzgan province.
Daikundi province lies at a distance of 460-kilometres to the west of country’s capital and surrounded by Uruzgan to its southwest, Bamyan to the east, Ghor to the north, Ghazni to the south and Helmand province to the northwest.
The province is situated on 335,500 latitude and 255,500 longitude with the population of more than 729, 000 individuals. It has a total 22, 000 square kilometres area.
It is located 2, 400 meters above the sea level.


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