By: Bakhtar Safi , Date:18/08/2015
MAHMODRAQI (Pajhwok): The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has opened its branch for the first time in central Kapisa province which would help resolve problems of businessmen there, an official s... Read More
By: Bakhtar Safi , Date:02/07/2015
MAHMOOD RAQI (Pajhwok): Construction work on three roads has been initiated in first Kohistan district in central Kapisa, which would be completed with a cost of $12 million, an official said on Thursday. Abdul Fat... Read More
By: Bakhtar Safi , Date:13/06/2015
MAHMOOD RAQI/CHARIKAR (Pajhwok): Newly-appointed governors for central Kapisa and Parwan provinces assumed office on Saturday, officials said. An introduction ceremony for the Kapisa governor was held in Mahmood Ra... Read More

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Mahmood Raqi (PAN): Kapisa officials said economy of the people mainly depends on agriculture and livestock that’s why dams are being built in various parts of the province.  
The officials said building more dams would help strengthen and stabilize local economy. Residents said they still face serious shortage of irrigation water.  
Kapisa Governor Gen. Mehrabuddin Sapi told Pajhwok Afghan News currently transit route is passing through his province connecting Tangi with Salang, promising that economic center would be built somewhere in Kohistan.  

Kapisa (PAN): Kapisa security officials said security in the province has improved with criminal activities witnessed decline as compared to the outgoing year.    
Kapisa Governor Gen. Mehrabuddin said security is stabilized amid hectic efforts by the security forces as compared to the previous year. With the exception of Alasai and Taghab districts, people in the entire Kapisa live a comfortable life, he said, adding a total of 600 policemen are deployed in Taghab and Najrab districts to maintain security to reverse momentum of the anti-state elements.

31. Maulvi Ghulam Muhayuddin Munsif:
Elected Senator from Kapisa province,
Son of Shamsher Khan, Maulvi Ghulam Muhayuddin Munsif is born in 1973 in Najrab district. He completed his education in Fath-ul-Madaras in his native town. After completion of his education, he started teaching in the same institution.
Maulvi Munsif served as head of Najrab education department for two years. He was introduced to upper house in 2005, and now he serves as senator.
Contact number: 0799847969 , 0775927936

1.      Kapisa National Radio and TV :
The Kapisa National Radio and TV have 12 different programs. A number of the program are being produced locally.   
Contact: 0786497597
2.      Bahar Radio:
Bahar radio is established by Engineer Malang Faqeer, which covers Parwan and Panjshir provinces as well. The Radio has 18 employees including six women.
Contact: 0786497597

Kapisa provincial council has nine seats, with three members are reelected while the rest six are new faces.
Head: Mohammad Hussain Sanji
Deputy: Eng. Gulzaman Shinwari
Secretary: Qazi Mohammad Aman Mubarez
1- Muhammad Hussain Sanjani:

1-      Kapisa Youth Social Society:
The Kapisa Youth Social Society is founded by the young generation of the province in 2003. The society has its wings in districts.  It strives to serve the youth in areas such as education, culture, sports and other field of life. Alhaj Hashmatullah is the head the society.
Contact No: 0700330606   
2-      Koh Band Writers and Poets Society:     

146- Haji Agha Jan Sayedi
Elected from: Kapisa, Votes: 3574

Following is the details of Kapisa administrative units and its capital:
1-      Mahmud-i-Raqi:
It is the capital of Kapisa province. Mahmud-i-Rqi has 57 small and big villages.
2-      Taghab:

Son of Zafar Khan, Kapisa Governor Mehrabuddin Safi is born in 1961in Lech village of Alasai district.   
He completed his education from Kabul’s Harbi School in 1975 and then left for India for higher education the same year. He earned his degree in law and later received his master degree in defenec and strategic studies.  

Kapisa is amongst the central provinces of Afghanistan. Panjsher to its north, Kabul and Parwan to its west, Kabul and Laghman to its south while Lagaman is located to its east too.
Mahmud-i-Raqi is the capital of the province, which is located 65 kilometers toward north of Kabul.
Kapisa is the historical province of the country. At least 620 years ago during the reign of Aryana, it was the capital city of King Kinikshah who ruled the Indo sub-continent--- the existing India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as parts of his territory from Kapis.


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