By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:05/07/2015
JALALABAD (Pajhwok): The governor of eastern Laghman province on Sunday pledged that promotion of education was his top priority that teachers would be given residential plots to promote the vital sector. Laghman G... Read More
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MEHTARLAM (Pajhwok): Provincial council members in eastern Laghman province on Sunday complained local departments did not have coordination with the council but they still managed to evaluate performance of some de... Read More
By: Pajhwok Reporter , Date:27/05/2015
KABUL (Pajhwok): Several development projects have been completed and work on others is in progress in eastern Laghman, northern Balkh and central Kabul provinces, officials said on Wednesday. Two projects costing... Read More

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Mehtar Lam (PAN): People of Laghman demand early completion of electricity and road projects, urging the government to help them promote their agriculture sector.
During the last decade, a number of rehabilitation projects were launched with special reference projects are implemented by the National Solidarity Program (NSP). The province is provided with four megawatts electricity but people want more facilities to reverse the tide of growing insecurity.    

Laghman (PAN): Officials said security in Laghman province is improved 80 % as compared to the past with all the closed roads leading to districts have now been opened for traffic.
Brig. Gen. Fazal Ahmad Sherzad, police chief of the province told Pajhwok Afghan News all the roads of the Laghman districts are opened. Earlier, the only Mehtar Lam road leading to the Qarghai district was opened but rests were closed.
He said greater coordination among local institutions and intelligence departs helped maintain security in the volatile province.

Jalalabad (PAN): Laghman province though got hundreds of small rehabilitation projects, residents demand launching of expanded and long-term projects would leave positive impact on the lives of the people.  
Sarhadi Zwak, Laghman governor spokesman told Pajhwok Afghan News that multiple rehabilitation projects have been implemented in Laghman province during the last few years.
He said the province saw hectic development in education sector with the establishment of new pedagogical institutes and few private schools.

39-Alhaj Mukaram Khan Naseri  
Elected Senator from Laghman:
Son of Mira Jan, Mukaram Khan Naseri is born in 1962 in Qarghayee district of Laghman province. He studied up to high school. He is the member of Dawat-i-Islami Party of Afghanistan.
Contact: 0776458877
40-Wahida Safi
Elected Senator from Laghman:

The Laghman provincial Council (PC) has nine members out of which five have been selected for the second time in the April 5 elections.
Mohammad Rafi, Provincial Council head:
Ajmal Wafa, Provincial Council deputy head:
Abdul Zahir Hussainkhel, Provincial Council secretary:
1. Mohammad Rafi Mamozai:
Son of former Jihadi Commander Mohammad Zaman Mamozai, Rafi is born in 1982 in the Patla Kala village of Mehtarlam Baba, the provincial capital.

The province of Lagman has six administrative units including Alingar, Alishig, Dawlat Shah, Qarghai, Baad Pukh and its capital city, Mehtar Lam.
1-      Mehtar Lam:

Son of Abdul Hai Mujadadi, Dr. Fazlullah Mujadadi is born in 1957 in Lugar’s Baraki Barak district. He has law degree from Kabul University. He has written a number of books on history and politics.
During the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, he was the member of Jamiat-i-Islami and was a leading jihadi commander. After the fall of Taliban, he served as commander of Afghan National Army (ANA) and later he was appointed as governor.

Laghman is among the eastern provinces of the country created in 1962 with Mehtar Lam is its capital city.
The province stretches on 3, 843 square kilometers area with a total population of 435, 000 individuals. It is 772 meters above the sea level.
Laghman has attractive geography. It is located with the hills of Hindu Kush Mountains, and the Alingar and Alishing Rivers contribute to its beauty.

168- Eng. Muhammad Alam Qarar
Elected from: Laghman, Votes: 8215

JALALABAD (PAN): About 162 insurgents suffered causalities during 35 military operation conducted by Afghan forces in eastern Laghman province last year, an official said on Tuesday.
Eighty-six militants were killed and 76 others wounded during offensives that led to the capture of 158 individuals in connection with different crimes.


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Laghman teachers to get residential plots: Governor

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