By: Nasim hotak , Date:18/11/2015
QALAT (Pajhwok): Members of the provincial council and residents of southern Zabul province say the council has been successful in timely resolving people’s problems as a result of increasing its coordination... Read More
By: Nasim hotak , Date:31/10/2015
QALAT (Pajhwok): Ghazni residents on Saturday set free 14 persons they had abducted from southern Zabul province following mediation of elders, a public representative said. The abductees, hailing from Khak-i-Afgha... Read More
By: Nasim hotak , Date:15/09/2015
QALAT (Pajhwok): Passengers and residents of southern Zabul province on Tuesday urged the reconstruction of the Kandahar-Kabul highway, saying most of deadly traffic accidents resulted the lousy condition of the roa... Read More

Video News

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QALAT (PAN): As many as 140 schools are closed because of widespread insecurity with some of them have no buildings, education official said.
Some progress has been achieved to keep the education sector forward in the volatile region but a large number of students are deprived of education, the official said.

 1 – Voice of Qalat:
Voice of Qalat was established by International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in 2010. The radio is headed by Shahzada. It broadcasts programs for 24 hours, which has four employees.
Contacts: 0707365264
2 – Zabul Hokmat Weekly:

1 – The Yon Association of Afghan Women:
The Yon Association of Afghan Women started functioning back in 2009. The association strives to protect women rights and create awareness among women to protect their rights. The associated is headed by Sidiqa Jalali.
Contacts: 0702149751
2 – Zabul Youth Council:
The Zabul Youth Council was founded in 2011. The council expands its activities to promote culture, sports and social fields for in larger interests of the youth. Rozi Zabuli heads the institution.

Mohammad Ashraf Nasiri:
 Son of Haji Abdullah Khan, Mohammad Ashraf Nasiri was born in Sayed Karam district of southeastern Paktia province in 1962.
 He completed his primary education in his hometown. He has bachelor degree from the sciences faculty of Kabul Universtiy. He served as a lecturer at Daut and Jihad varsity during the war against soviet occupation.

237- HamidullahTukhi
Elected from: Zabul, Votes: 2795
Hamidullah Tukhi is born in 1963 in Qalat District of Zabul Province. Turkhi studied at the Shaikh Mati High School in Zabul and graduated in 1978.Tukhi was a jihadi commander during the war years. He was later appointed governor of Zabul Province for two years from 2002 to 2004 and governor of Wardak Province for three months in 2004. Tukhi was elected to parliament in 2005. He speaks Pashto and Dari.
Contacts: 0700219999294
238- Zahra Tukhi Zabuli

67 – Haji Mohammad Dawood Asas:
Elected Senator:
Son of Haji Abdul Rahman, Haji Mohammad Dawood Asas was born in the provincial capital of Zabul in 1973. He completed his high school education. Earlier, he served as director of a construction company.
Contacts: 077492977, 0706060035
68 – Dr. Zalmai Zabuli:
Elected Senator:

1- Haji Abdul Rahman:
Haji Abdul Rahman is the son of Shaikh Yaqoob. He was born in 1965 in Shinki district of southern Zabul province. He studied up to 12th grade at his home district. However, he could not get higher education. He served as a schoolteacher. Rahman also served as people’s representative.
Contact No: 0700382256
2- Fawzia:

The central Zabul province along with Qalat city comprises 12 administrative units.
 1 – Qalat City:

The southern Zabul province is situated on 66 degrees northern latitude and 32 degrees, 7 minutes at eastern longitude. 
Zabul known as Zabalistan also, is the native region of Pashtun tribe. Zawalyan is located on Kabul-Qandahar highway. The province has a total area of around 1, 729 square kilometers and recognized as a separate and independent province some 45 year ago. 
The population of Zabul is estimated around 1,058,940 as per a survey conducted by the independent election commission. 
 Four surroundings:

GHZANI CITY (PAN): The urban prosecutor for southern Zabul province was killed by unidentified gunmen in the Maqur district of southern Ghazni province, officials said on Tuesday.
A statement from the governor’s office said Ismail, who had been abducted by insurgents 15 days ago, was killed late on Monday.


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Provincial Council

د زابل د ولايتي شورا او دولتي ادارو ترمنځ همغږي پر خدماتو مثبت اغېز کړی
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Zabul lawmaker escapes unhurt in Taliban’s ambush
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Zabul lawmaker escapes unhurt in Taliban’s ambush

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Ancient Zabul sites hit by neglect
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