Special Reports

Nuristan (PAN): The mountainous eastern Nuristan province has large scale reservoirs of natural mines containing precious and semi precious stones.
For the purpose to explore and exploit the underground reserves, the department of mines started functioning right after its establishment in 2013 in Nuristan.
Following are details of existing precious stones in the valleys and mountains of Nuristan.
Biroch and SofahBiroch:

Parron (PAN): Rejecting officials claim that security measures in Nuristan is considerably improved, people of the province complained deepening lawlessness and insecurity left the government machinery paralyzed.

Paroon (PAN): Provincial authorities alleged the central government of ignoring Nuristan in rehabilitation projects and depriving the province of direly needed development projects.
Mohammad Zahir Bahand, governor’s spokesman told Pajhwok Afghan News some small rehabilitation projects were under construction in the province. “Work on the construction of several schools is in progress,” he added.
Bahand alleged the provincial government did not pay any heed to step up construction work on Badakhshan-Kabul road.

Paroon (PAN): Daunting challenges amid growing insecurity left far-reaching negative impact on the vital education sector in the northeastern province of Nuristan.
Mehtabuddin, provincial head of education department told Pajhwok Afghan News there were 211 schools functioning in the province including two high, 117 primary and 92 secondary schools. In addition, 20 Madrassas, two agriculture institutes and three teacher training institutes are functioning as well.

Jalalabad (PAN): Almost 90% economy of residents in Nuristan province depends on agriculture, livestock and demining, officials said.
Having the same revenue generation resources, other provinces of the country are developed to great extent but due to negligence on the part of the concerned officials, Nuristan failed to be developed on modern lines.
Agriculture and Livestock: