Special Reports

KABUL (Pajhwok): Located 30 kilometres to the west of Kabul province, it is reported that the central MaidanWardak has around 53 known sites of natural resources.
These sites have been identified with the help of locals followed by surveys by the geological department, reports said.
1-      Chromitesmines:
The Narkh district of Maidan Wardakhas large scale chromitesmines, which are located in BadamSurkhBaidak, Narkh Loy-e-Abdari and Depak.

Maidan Wardak (PAN): Residents of Maidan Wardak complained that unchecked and growing insecurity hampers progress and development of almost every sector. 
Officials in some districts admit reign of lawlessness but promised that they are working vigorously to control the problem, saying that plans are underway to ensure security at every cost.
The city of Maidan Wardak is located to the west of Kabul at a distance of 35 kilometers. Its resident have recently protested against the highhandedness of foreign forces particularly the U.S. Special Forces.

Maidan Wardak (PAN): Education sector in Maidan Wardak is moving ahead with acheiveing some sort of tangibel progresss but shortage of teachers, absence of school buildings and insecurity hampering its growth in several localities.
Attaullah Khogianai, spokesman of provincial governor said there are 450 schools and education centers in his province in which 172, 892 students get education. As many as 4, 729 teachers strive to impart education to students with 345 amogn them are female teachers.

Maidan Wardak (PAN): Residents of Maidan Wardak complained the rehabilitation projects executed in their province during the last decade do not fulfill the growing need of the people.
During the last decade, the department of rural development has helped implemented 1767 rehabilitation projects in rural areas of the province keeping in view the wishes and need of the people.        
Officials said almost 271 projects were completed last year and the government is planning to construct another 463 projects in the entire districts of the province.     

Kabul: Maidak Wardak officials said multidimensional programs are initiated in an apparent attempt to bolster people’s economy but residents of the province complained of growing joblessness.
Locals expressed their concern regarding absence of factories and other reproductive centers in the province.