KABUL (PAN): People of the volatile Ghor demand early construction of roads and highways, supply of electricity and development of the vital education sector in the province.
Muhammad Ibrahim 29, hailing from the Ghor province said the major demand of the people of his province was construction of highways and roads.
Talking to Pajhwok Afghan News, he said government officials had been talking to pave Ghor- Maidan city and Ghor- Herat roads but no practical steps could be taken to address the long standing demand of the people.

The eastern Ghor is considered among the backward provinces of the country. It has 14 provincial council members with four of them are female members.
Following report contains views of individuals from different walks of life about upcoming presidential and provincial council elections in the country.
A driver: Free and fair elections are not possible in Ghor:

PARAKH (PAN): People of Panjsher expressed optimism to actively participate in the upcoming elections but they urged the upcoming president to focus to resolve the pressing security and unemployment issues.
Panjsher is among the central provinces of Afghanistan having nine provincial council members with three of them female representatives.
Following report contains opinions of local residents in line with the upcoming elections.
Shopkeeper: We want the government to bolster investment in various sectors.

PARAKH (PAN): Residents of Panjsher province complain about the dilapidated condition of roads and poor health facilities in the region.
Dr. Ajmal, a resident of Rokhi district told Pajhwok Afghan News Panjsher had a mountainous terrain, creating immense hurdles for residents to move between districts and provincial capital.
The far-flung areas of the province were deprived of basic health facilities, he added.

PARAKH (PAN): Demanding creation of more employment opportunities, residents of the volatile Panjsher said enhanced jobs’ prospects would level ground for bolstering security and education elsewhere in the province. 
However, people of various districts had their different demands but most of them urged the government should explore working opportunities for the people, which would help ensure easy access to education.

Daikundi: What Voters Say
NEILI (PAN): People of Daikundi expressed their resolve to take active part in the upcoming elections in an attempt to elect president and provincial council members among those who would steer the country out of crisis and ensure speedy justice.
They were of the opinion that free and fair ballots were the only way to get rid of current challenges and turmoil. “If polls are not held then Afghanistan will be turned again into a battle ground,” said the locals.

BAMYAN (PAN): Residents of the inaccessible Daikundi province pointed out dilapidated roads, lack of reconstruction projects, growing insecurity and joblessness were their main problems.
Despite getting status of a province, the mountainous Daikundi has not even a single paved road.
The people of Daikundi transport their goods and travel in tractors and Lorries because its roads are not able for plying of new and advanced passengers’ vehicles.
In some localities, people even prefer to travel on horses and donkeys because driving vehicles on the roads is impossible.

NEILY (PAN): Calling Daikundi as one of the neglected provinces in terms of development, the residents of central province accused donor agencies and the government of paying no attention to develop the province.
They identified unpaved roads, non-execution of infrastructure schemes and insecurity in some districts of the province were the main problems that could not be resolved sine last decade. Daikundi shares borders with Uruzgan and Helmand provinces.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Residents of Jawzjan province said they would participate in the upcoming elections but the government should first help bolster security, ensure drinking and irrigation water and create more job opportunities.
Having ten districts, Jawzjan is located 555 kilometres north of Kabul. The province has nine provincial council seats including two for women but in previous elections, women had three reserved seats.
Darzab and Qushtepah are among insecure districts of the province, which residents could not participate in the previous elections.

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Jawzjan residents complained of deteriorating security, lack of drinking and irrigation water, low quality of education and low electricity voltage.
The northern Jawzjan province is located on extreme border with Turkmenistan hence the province is the first region of benefiting from the supply of electricity.
The province has immense gas reserves, which is being utilized by the locals but people of the province want to the gas pressure should be increased.