AYBAK (PAN): Samangan residents say they will take part in the upcoming elections with enthusiasm.
A widow: We will participate in polls in an attempt to address our miseries.
Nasreenah, a resident of Hazrat Sultan district said her husband was martyred during Jihad against Soviet forces. She has two daughters and three sons.

AYBAK (PAN): Residents of Samangan complained the province was facing acute shortage of irrigation water and lack of school buildings.
They said people elsewhere in the province were confronting with years old potable water problem that could not be resolved after repeated complaints.
Mohammadullah, a resident of Afghania Village in Hazrat Sultan district  told Pajhwok News Agency they could not cultivate their vast land due to lack of irrigation water.

MAZAR-e-Sharif (PAN): Residents of Samangan province demanded the government should ensure provision of drinking water facility and construction of highways to connect districts of the province.
They said roads of six districts connected with the provincial capital were needed to be graveled. Residents of some districts were facing immense problems in reaching to the provincial capital who used the long Mazar-e-Sharif route to make it to the capital of the province.

QALAT (PAN): People of Zabul express greater enthusiasm to take part in elections and cast their votes but they want that improvement of security is pre-requisite to the polls.
It merits mention the volatile Zabul is the southern province alongside the Durand Line, sharing borders with Kandahar, Helmand, Aurozgan and Ghazni provinces. It has 12 administrative units including its provincial capital, Qalat. Its provincial council has nine members with three of them are female.
Student: I will cast my vote as it is my strength.

QALAT (PAN): Residents of Zabul vehemently complained the province was experiencing deteriorated state of rampant insecurity, unemployment, closing down of schools and administrative corruption.
Mohammad 26 who hails from Shinkai district identified unemployment as the problems haunting residents of his town. In his chat with Pajhwok Afghan News, he said the biggest problem of concern for the people was growing insecurity. He said insecurity was halting development activities, triggering youth of the province to go to Pakistan for work.  

QALAT (PAN): People of the volatile Zabul demanded the government was direly needed to enhance security, good governance and ensure early completion of rehabilitation projects with more focus on education sector.
Abdul Haleem, resident of Daichopan district said the residents had been demanding strict security in the province, adding that development of the province was directly related to the improved law and order.

SHARAN (PAN): Complaining of what they termed slow-paced development activities, residents of southeastern Paktika province said absence of agriculture and health facilities were the main problems being confronted by them. 
Saifur Rahman, a resident of Sharan city said development activities came to a halt in the province during the past few years.

SHARAN (PAN): People of the volatile southeastern Paktika province demand the government and the international community to strengthen security, build the shattered infrastructure with special reference promote and bring positive changes in the vital agriculture field.   
Talking to Pajhwok Afghan News, Durani Mohammad Khel, a tribal elder and resident of Sharan city said construction of power dam in Plato area was the long-standing demand of the people of the province.

Paktika is a remote province situated to the southwest of Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan. With the provincial capital, the province has 21 administrative units. Its provincial council has nine members including three women.  
Teacher: Taliban forced me to stay away from casting vote in the past elections but this time I will vote for sure.
Saifullah, a resident of provincial capital Sharana and teacher at Ali Baba High School told Pajhwok Afghan News he and his family were optimistic to participate in the upcoming elections.

PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): Having a taotal of 14 districts, Baghlan has a population of 890,000 individuals and the province is known an industrial and agricultural zone.  
The residents of the province said administrative corruption, armed groups presence and incompetent officials were major problems that contributed immensely to insecurity.
A laborer: We want corrupt officials arrested and punished.