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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 14:15

Mehtar Lam (PAN): People of Laghman demand early completion of electricity and road projects, urging the government to help them promote their agriculture sector.
During the last decade, a number of rehabilitation projects were launched with special reference projects are implemented by the National Solidarity Program (NSP). The province is provided with four megawatts electricity but people want more facilities to reverse the tide of growing insecurity.    
Gulzar Sangarwal, deputy of Laghman provincial council said the province has immense importance because of its geo-strategic location. The Kabul- Torkham highway passes through the province, which is important in terms of economic and security related activities. He said though there are some security check posts on the highway, more check posts are needed to be built to enhance security.
Sangarwal said it is the busiest road that’s why it should have double lane facilities for vehicle and be expanded to better meet the traffic flow. He said most people of the province rely on agriculture, adding that enough water is needed for irrigation purposes for which Kalagosh and Watangato dams should be built. “The dams will serve to irrigate cultivable lands and to generate electricity,” he added.    
Malik Inayat Rehman, a tribal elder and resident of Qarghayo district said when the rivers of Alingar and Alishang are flooded then it inflicts heavy losses on the properties and agriculture of people. He underlined the need the government should build protective wall around the rivers to ensure protection of the villages from looming floods.
Ainullah, a resident of Qarghayo district said Nangarhar has the busiest military airport, adding there is need of construction of a civilian airport. He said the construction of new civilian airport would minimize the problems of the people.
Laghman Governor Fazlullah Mujadadi said the central government has promised to help build a big airport in Qarghayo district, adding survey is already completed while budget would be allocated for the construction of new airport.
Aminuddin, a local who hails from Alingar said early completion of Shahi canal would help irrigate thousands of cultivable land.
Talking to Pajhwok Afghan News he said most of the people associate with the agriculture profession but due to the absence of proper market, they sell their products in bazaars on throw away prices.
“If facilities including cold storages are provided then the farmers will keep their products fresh, and will get good profit in return,” he added.
Sayyed Habib, a local who hails from Mehtar Lam said industrial parks need to be constructed in the city. Haji Bismillah, a tribal elder from Badpakh district said they face unspeakable problem because of the dilapidated condition of road leading to the capital city. He demanded the government to immediately construct Badpakh- Mehtar Lam road, which would go a long way to address problems of the people.
He underscored the government should help build buildings for health centers and schools.