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Sunday, July 21, 2013 - 14:15

Two family members of the victims of Shindand bombardment by the US forces said the two have lost nine family members in total and have different views on elections.
US forces last year bombarded a ceremony in this area where according to the official figures 90 civilians including 60 children, 15 male and as many women were killed and dozens of others sustained injuries.
Nawaabad the village where the attack occurred locates 30 kilometers south of Shindand district and 120 kilometers south of Herat city.
Haji Gul Ahmad: In order to change the system, I participate in the elections
Haji Gul Ahmad, 50, lost four of his family members including his two sons and two daughters. He said his sons Naser 23, Gul Aqa 17, and his daughters Nasima 25 and Sakina 15 were asleep when the bombardment killed occurred.
Naser had recently married and his bride is alive while Nasima is survived by a four year old son.
Despite all the injustice and aggression against his family and the people of Nawabad, he wants to go to cast his vote. His determination is aimed to bring about a change and a fair system. The current government is not feeling responsible and can not defend the rights of its people.
 Gul Ahmad said President Hamid Karzai who is seeking reelection visited the village two weeks after the incident and promised to distribute plots for the bereaved families and reconstruct old destroyed houses, distributed agriculture lands, send the family members to Saudi Arabia for Haj and hold those responsible on trial.
The bereaved families of the dead were provided 100000 afs the wounded 50000 afs, 35 family members of the victims were sent to Haj and no other promise was fulfilled.
He has met Hamid Karzai four times in Kabul and Karzai had promised each time but none were put in practice.
He termed the oppression of the US forces as unforgettable and added after the bombardment the US forces broke into their houses and check their houses with dogs.
He is serving the government and there is nothing in his house that shows his links with the government enemies, but the US forces took his cousin (Aqa Muhammad) and killed him after torturing him.
Gul Pacha: I don’t participate in the elections
28-years-old Gul Pacha who lost his father, mother and three young sisters in the bombardment said he will never forgive the government and the US.
The US forces committed massacre, the current president promised constructing shelter and assistance to the families, but was never fulfilled.
The young member of the victim family who has migrated to Herat city with all his 24 family members said he had a mobile phone shop in Azizabad before the bombardment and their life in presence of his father was passing well, but they are faced with a lot of economic problems now and can feed his family with much difficulty.
He was visiting Herat city to buy mobile phones when the bombardment took place, he added, he doesn’t believe the government at all because it can not defend the rights of people or rescue them from the oppression.
When asked about the elections, he said:" I will not participate in the elections in any cost… with the participation in election no change will occur and the foreign forces will continue to operate irresponsibly and will have no answer to the Afghanistan's nation."