Sherzai supporters switch sides in Farah

FARAH CITY (Pajhwok): Supporters of Gul Agha Sherzai in the first round presidential elections in western Farah province on Tuesday announced they would back frontrunner Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai in the possible runoff race.
The announcement comes days after Sherzai joined forces with top-voted presidential runner Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.
A large number of Sherzai’s supporters on Tuesday gathered in Farah City and announced their backing for Ghani, a former finance minister, said Haji Syed Ahmad, who campaigned for Sherzai in the first round elections.
He said the decision to join Ghani’s camp came after consultations with other like-minded political workers.        
He said they believed Ghani having no criminal background, had the ability to bring stability to the country and maintain cordial relations with the world.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News Sherzai, a former governor, had joined Abdullah’s camp without taking them into confidence.
They believed Ashraf Ghani could play a constructive role in strengthening national unity and ensuring durable stability.
Haji Syed Ahmad said Sherzai had been polled 12,000 from their side on April 5 and the same votes would now go to Ghani in the second round elections.  
Another campaigner for Sherzai in Farah, Noor Ahmad Haqbeen, said they had at least 1,000 eligible voters in the group and they had not yet decided on voting to any of the two leading runners if the elections went to a runoff stage.

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