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د خلکو ستونزو ته د چارواکو نه پاملرنې د حکومت او ولس ترمنځ واټن ډېر کړى

TARINKOT (Pajhwok): Provincial Council in central Uruzgan province on Wednesday observed that lukewarm approach to tackle residents’ grievances have created gulf between people and government.
Uruzgan provincial council has nine members. Due to differences between members, the council elected its administrative board six months after being sworn-in.
Abdul Karim Khademzai, provincial council secretary, in an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News claimed some local officials had established private prisons where people were tortured.
Without any evidence, he added, in some districts, officials detained innocent people on pretext of being member of Taliban and introduced them to judicial organs.
The officials then released the individuals after taking bribes. “Because of these reasons people’s opposition to the government have intensified and the gap between them have widened,” he added.
He said an ordinary citizen was released from prison after paying 400,000 Pakistani Rupees and was currently undergoing medical treatment in Kandahar province due to torture.
He said majority of people visiting provincial council office had complaints about local officials asking for bribes.
That is why, Khademzai said, people were getting distance from government and the security situation in the province was deteriorating because some youth had no option but to swell insurgents’ ranks. “We started working some months late, but still we have tried to resolve people’s problems.”
According to Khademzai no development had taken place in Uruzgan in vital areas of health, education, reconstruction and security.
He noted security situation in some districts have worsened that has resulted in closing down of several health centres.
In order to resolve these problems the provincial council had conducted regular meetings with local officials, he added.

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