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په بلخ کې د ١٢ ملکي وګړو د قاتلينو د نيولو غوښتنه وشوه

MAZAR-I-SHARIF (PAN): People of the Zara district of Balkh province on Monday asked the government to arrest the killers of 12 civilians, who were shot to death two days ago.
The civilians were got down from their vehicles on their way from Koshundi district to Zara and shot dead on Saturday. The bodies of the victims were handed over to their families a day later.
A representative from province in the Wolesi Jirga, Abbas Ibrahimzada, asked the government to bring the perpetrators to justice, saying all victims belonged to the Hazara ethnic community.
They were trying to share information with security personnel regarding the murder case, said the head of provincial council, Mohammad Ibrahim Khairandesh.
His brother Abbas was shot dead on his way to work, Mohammad Rahim said, while asking the authorities not to play with people’s sentiments by not arresting the criminals.
However, the provincial police chief, Major Gen. Syed Kamal Sadat, said they had launched an investigation into the massacre and would identify the killers soon.

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