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KABUL (Pajhwok): The residents of some provinces have expressed joy over the announcement of the final presidential election result but in the meantime said they were worried over electoral disputes and crises.
Mohammad Haroon, the resident of Kandahar City, said the election process was full of disputes and turmoil that worried the public regarding their future and the existing situation in the country.
He said despite the fact that the final election result had been announced that the first phase is over, but now another phase had started which is refusing the final result which would generate disputes and crises.
Qazafi Mal, the resident of Kunar province and a civil society activist, said with the end of election process and the announcement of poll result real democracy emerged victorious in the country.
He thanked the election commission that completed its work properly.
Qeyyam Khan, another resident of Kunar province, said that democracy is a new phenomenon in the country therefore it faces multiple problems.
Mohammad Saleem, the resident of Tarinkot City, expressed his concern over the upcoming disputes and turmoil after the announcement of the final result.
He said if a small mistake is committed the existing system would suffer and the responsible body would be the IEC.
Dr. Ghulam Rasoul, the resident of Mazar-i-Sharif, said the IEC should have eradicated all those concerns that could create problems in the national process.
He urged all election teams to cooperate and remove the existing problems.
Ahmad Khalid, the resident of Maimana, termed the election as a joke and not acceptable to the people.

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