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KABUL (Pajhwok): National Islamic Front of Afghanistan (NIFA) leader Pir Hamid Gilani on Tuesday stressed solution to the dispute between the government leaders and warned political problems would confront the peace process with barriers.
Gilani, addressing a press conference here, said it was the time to take practical steps towards peace and keep the process away smooth.
He said achievements made over the last 18 years would be lost if the peace process was sabotaged.
Gilani urged President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to end their political disputes and not create problems for the peace process.
Ghani and Abdullah should agree on continuing the national unity government or the election process should be monitored again in presence of international observers”, he said.
Tensions between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah raised after the announcement of final election result by the IEC.
Abdullah after the announcement of the election result in a conference said that he was the winner and would form an inclusive government.
The commission declared President Ashraf Ghani as the winner, saying he was re-elected with 50.64% of the vote.
But Abdullah, who came second with 39.52%, contested the result, declared victory, and vowed to form his own parallel government.
Abdullah’s supporters recently introduced their own governors for Jawzjan, Kapisa, Baghlan and Sar-i-Pul provinces, which created concerns for the public.
Ginali said the Reduction of Violence (RiV) week between the Taliban, US and Afghan government was going fine and it would pave the way for general ceasefire and lasting peace in the country.
He said some people were against peace because their interests were in war. However, he did not name anyone.
A deal between the Taliban and US is expected to be signed in Qatar on February 29.

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