Located north of the country, Sar-i-Pula along with the provincial capital comprised seven administrative units.
The districts are: Balkhab, Sancharak, Gosfandi, Sozma Qala, Sayad and Kohistanat.
1 – SAR-I-PUL:
Known as Sar-i-Pul, the capital city has 16 percent desert. It comprises 148 villages with many parts of the capital city are sandy and covered by hills. The fuel reserves have greatly contributed to the importance of the district.
2 – Sancharak district:
Sancharak is located southeast of the provincial capital with 97 villages. Many parts of the districts are mountainous.
3 – Gosfandi District:
Gosfandi is located southeast of Sar-i-Pul city, which has 85 villages. It comprises rain-fed agriculture lands. Some parts of the district are mountainous.
4 – Balkhab District:
Balkhad is located south of Sar-i-Pul city with many of its parts are mountainous and earthen. It comprised 65 village with some of its parts are mountainous. Most of the agriculture land of the district is rain-fed. Copper mine reserves has put positive impact on the lives of resident.
5 – Sayad District:
Sayad is located west of the provincial capital and has vast agriculture land. It comprises 56 villages. In addition to mountains, the district has plain and earthen areas. However, irrigation land of the districts could be cultivated only when the snow was melting down.
6 – Sozma Qala District:
Sozma Qala is located east of Sar-i-Pul district with 70 villages. The district has agriculture, plain and mountainous lands.
7 – Kohistanat District:
Located east of the capital city, Kohistanat is one of the remote districts of the province. There are 72 villages in the district with most of its part is mountainous.