Considered as one of important provinces located in the west of Afghanistan, the province of Farah comprised eleven administrative units including the provincial capital and ten districts.
 1 – Farah City:
Farah city is the capital city of the province. The city was located in old Farah city known as Faridon historic Fort a hundred years ago, with the Kak Kehzad or the historic Kafier Qala is situated few kilometers away from the capital city. The major river of Farah is flowing in the west of the city. The capital city has been recently expanded with its population is estimated at about 110,000 individuals.
2 – Pusht-i-Rod District:
Pusht-i-Rod is located 28 kilometers to the north of the capital and comprises 64 villages. The Bibi Cha Baran mountain is located in the district. Pusht-i-Rod is located close to Farah city. Its population touches the figure of 40,000 individuals.
3 – Khak-i-Safid District:
Khak-i-Safid district is located 48 kilometers to the north of Farah city. The district has 76 villages and shared border with the Adraskan district of western Herat in the north. Its population is estimated at about 29,000 individuals.
4 – Bakwah District:
Bakwah is located 95-kilometers to the southeast of the provincial capital with 116 villages. Having plain deserts and agricultural lands, the district was known as a warehouse of Afghanistan because of producing large number of wheat in the past. Currently, poppy is being cultivated on large portion of land. Population of the town touches the figures of 35,000 individuals.
5 – Pusht-i-Koh District:
Pusht-i-Koh is located 60 kilometers to the west of Farah city, with 95 villages. The district shares border with neighboring Iran in the west. A vast reservoir of salt was also located in Chashm-i-Namak area of the town, which was being used by the residents in the past. Population of the town is estimated at about 30,000 individuals.
6 – Gulistan District:
Gulistan is located 240-kilometers to the east of Farah city with 219 villages. The mountainous district’s population touches the figures of 43,000 individuals.  
7 – Purchaman District:
Purchaman is located 320-kilometers to the northeast of the provincial capital. Being a remotest district of the province, it has 296 villages and shares border with Saghar district of Ghor province to the north. There are a large number of bee forms and green fields in Purchaman. Population of the district touches the figures of 52,000 individuals.  
8 – Anar Dara District:
Anar Dara is located 75 kilometers to the northwest of Farah city, with 39 villages. The district shares border with Iran in the west and the Haroon River flows in the middle of the town. Having green valleys, population of the town touches the figures of 27, 000 individuals.
9 – Shibkoh District:
Shibkoh is located 70-kilometers to the west of Farah city with 57 villages. Sharing border with Iran, Shibkoh is considered among the volatile district of the province and its population touches the figures of 23,000 individuals.  
10 – Balablok District:
Balablok district is located 50 kilometers to the south of Farah city with 97 villages. The Farah-Herat and Farah-Kabul highways passes through the district. A mega power dams, which is set to be built on Farah Rod River is located in Balablok district. Population of the town touches the figures of 71,000 individuals.
11 – Jowin District:
The district is located 93-kilometers to the southwest of the provincial capital, with 74 villages. Sharing border with Iran, it is considered an ancient area of the country. A number of ancient sites such as Lash Jowin Fort and Peshawran City are situated in the district. Its population touches the figures of 28,000 individuals.