Known as one of the mountainous provinces of the country, Paktia is located to the southern part of Afghanistan with an area of 16,862 square kilometers. It is located at around 1,500 meters above the sea level.
The province has 13 districts including the provincial capital. 
The population of Paktia province was estimated 500,000 during President Rabani government. However, according to the recent survey conducted by health sector and other related organizations estimated at 1,500,000 individuals.
Paktia has historical importance with regard of Pashtuns and Aryaes sects. It is considered the capital city of Aryaes and focal point of Pashtun inhabitants from where Pashtun tribes spread to other parts of the region.
The province has 16 administrative units with the capital city and 13 districts.
The districts of the province include Ahmadabad, SayedKaram, Ahmadkhel, Mirzaka, Zazi, Lazha, Mangal, Janikhel, Tsamkani, Dandaw Patan, Shwak, Gerda Serai, Wuza Zadran and Zurmat.
Paktia is covered by mountains except some plains of Ahmadabad and Sayed Karma districts.
The Machlogho Dam is located 40 kilometers to the south of the provincial capital Gardiz in Ahmadabad districts. The dam has the capacity to irrigate 1, 800 hectares land and produce 800 megawatts electricity. The government has been striving to construct the dam but the construction project is yet to be started.
The people of Paktia are known for holding Jirgas and other official and unofficial gatherings where they resolve their disputes through mutual consultation.
Paktia is a tribal region where decisions are made by the elders of tribes. Dowry and other traditions are a part of their life.
The province made tremendous development in areas of education and culture. The first magazine in the province was published 75 years ago under the supervision of Ministry of Information and Culture. Its publication halted due to decades of war that plagued the entire country.
After the collapse of Taliban, the magazine re-launched publications with the establishment of new government.
Similarly, with the passage of time gatherings, seminars, poetry concerts and other cultural events are being held on different occasion in the province.
The Gardiz Balahisar is among ancient site in the province. The Balahisar is located to the east of the city above the hill on height of 40 meters with its length is measured 150 meters and width 50 meters.
The soil of Paktia has the credit to give birth to prominent celebrities throughout the history such as the former president of Afghanistan Dr. Najeebullah, Babrak Khan Zadran, Bacha Khan Zadran, historian Abdulhai, Sir Mohaqiq Ali Mohammad Mangal, Mohammad Zarmawal, Hayat Gardizi, UstadMangal, Ghulam Mohammad Zarmawal, Ustad Gul Zaman, Ehsanullah Darmal, Rahimullah Zurmati and others.
After the establishment of new government, media outlets has developed and expanded. Different media outlets such as Wrangah, Awoshtoon, Sahar, Paktia, Walas Helli, Sayed Karm, Merzakah, Afghan Nang, PaktiaZwan and Ghoti magazines were published in the province.
Similarly, few electronic media outlets are functioning in the province such as the National Television, Paktia Ghag Radio, Rawn FM, Karwan and Zamkani Ghag Radios, Pajhwok Afghan News, Kiled, BBC, Azadi, Salam Watandar, and Bayan Radios, in addition Shamshad, Tolo, Lmar, Zwandon, Yak and few more television networks transmissions are receivable from Kabul in the province.
Currently, 340 schools and different other educational institutes including eight Madrassas, Mechanical Institute, Vocational Institute, Multi Departmental Institute function in the province where 180,000 students with 45,000 among are girls get education.
Out of 340 schools, 169 has proper buildings. The province has an established university where students get higher education in five different faculties including a pedagogical institute.
Industry could not flourish in Paktia, however, handcraft industry is active at homes and villages where locals prepare attractive pieces of local designing, making of clay pots, weaving carpets and other pieces of special clothes.
The mountainous geography of Paktia doesn’t offer space for agricultural activities; however, some plain area exists in Sayed Karam, Ahmadabad, Zurmat and in the capital Gardiz to utilize it for cultivation.
Wheat, corn and other grains are the major crops of Paktia province. The trend of orchards has seen immense development in the province recently.
The youth of Paktia travel abroad mainly to Gulf States to eke out their livelihood.
People of Paktia are fond of sports. Volleyball, cricket, and football are popular games.
Many youths complain about the non-existence of sport equipment and facilities in the province.