1. Daricha-e-Baz Cultural- Literary Association:
The Daricha-e-Baz Cultural- Literary Association was established by Wali Mohammad Asion, which mainly focuses on promoting of socio-cultural activities throughout the province. It conducts poetry and literary sessions to develop the taste of arts and culture.
2. Khodi Development Institution:
The institution was established by Dr.Basir Lal Zad in a move to ensure peace, support sustainable development and capacity building of youth in different areas. The institution has achieved remarkbale progress.
3. Institute Assisting Badakhshan Women:
The institute was founded by Ghulam Nabi Irfani and focuses on improvement of women skills and development in an apparent attempt to promote handicraft industry in the province.
4. Qafila Capacity Building and Agricultural Institute:
The Qafila Capacity Building and Agricultural Institute was founded by Ilham Hafizi that focuses on building farmers’ capacity farmers. The institute has been playing a highly significant role in distribution of improved seeds and chemical.
5. Volunteer Women Association:
The association was founded by Anisa Nabi Yar in Badakhshan. It focuses on development of domestic industries and marketing. It strives to empowerment women economy.
6. Women Cooperation and Relation Association:
The organization was founded by Dr. Anis Akhger, which focuses on developing relations with poverty-stricken and deserved women. It also strives to resolve women problems and help in exploring job opportunities for women folk.
7. Daryacha Cultural-Literary Association:
The association was founded by Farid Barzger. It encourages women to contirbute to the progress of poetry and literature. It conducts poetry and cultural sessions. The association conducts monthly sessions.
8. Council of Disarmed Personnel and Officers:
The council was founded by Abdul Basir Wasiq after the disarmament program, which strives to work for the disarmed personnel of ministries of Defense and others.
9. Handicapped Union:
The union was established in an attempt to attract aid for handicapped persons. Abdul Samad heads the union.
10. Badakhshan Journalists Council:
The council was established by Abdul Basir Haqjo--- a media activist. It focuses to develop coordination among journalists and advocates for their rights. Majority of private and governmental journalists have membership of the council.
11. Karawan Cultural-Economic Development Institute:
The Karawan Cultural-Economic Development Institute was founded by Diana Ahamdi. It has been striving to help resolve problems of deprived class. It also strives to promote women’s rights and families’ livelihoods.
12. Education Support Committee:
The committee was established by Dr. Zahir Fazil. It encourages people from different field of life in education sector. The committee conducts meetings once in a month to discuss problems and challenges of education.
13. Badakhshan Civil Society Association:
The association was founded to build pressure on govrernment to help resolve problmes of the people. It is headed by Rasifuddin Saes.
14. Officials National Union:
The union was founded with the aim of development of solidarity among workers, staff and government officials. It aims to advocate staff rights and resolve their problems. It is headed by Sayyed Inamullah Saddat.
15. Youth Cultural Center:
The center is one of the active organizations in Badakshan. It conducts football game competition, poetry sessions, Kuran recitation competition and other social and religious programs. It is headed by Sebghatullah Arian.
16. Women for Women Association:
The association was established by Mariam Mouj. Its goal is to enhance women’s legitimate problems, alleviate poverty, control violence, unemployment and other problems being faced by women. It has its branch in Konduz as well.
17. Women empowerment Association:
The association is a vibrant organizations in Badakhshan. It focuses on empowerment of women economy such as development of women handicraft. The association strives to provide facilities for women to help them achieve self-sufficient.
18. New Afghanistan Cultural Association:
The association was founded by Zholia Akbar Zada in Badakshan. It strives to improve women state of affairs and encourages them to take part in economic and socio-political activities. The organization is working to promote cultural and intellectual capabilities of women.
19. Business Women Institute:
It was founded by Mahbuba Mojadadi. Its activities include provision of job opportunities, enhance training skills of women such as embroideries, weaving woolen handicrafts, handkerchief and domestic dresses and offering them in domestic and foreign markets.
The association always supports institutions, which work to facilitate women folk.
20. Faizabad Development Council:
The council was established to encourage government to expedite implementation of construction and reconstruction projects in Badakhshan. It strives project people’s problems and then contact the concerned department to resolve their problems. It is headed by Mohammad Khadem.
21. Transporters Union:
The union was established to develop coordination among transporters. It is also striving to create a peaceful atmosphere and provide them with job opportunities. It is headed by Niamatullah Ghani Zada.
22. Islah Council of Baharak People:
The council was established in order to develop solidarity and coordination among Baharak people. The council strives to explore solution to check corruption and embezzlement and other challenges. It join hands with government for strengthening of security in the area.
23. Afghan Women Vocational Services Institute:
The institute works to promote women related skills in Badakhshan. It strives to find job opportunities for families being headed by female. The institute is headed by Nooria.
24. Women Cultural Development Institute:
The Women Cultural Development Institute works for promotion of women economical and cultural abilities. The institute has been working for poverty alleviation and unemployment rate among women. The institute conducts opinion-poll sessions for women to take decisions in larger interests of women folk.
25. Kishm Socio-Cultural Organization:
The organization works for greater cohesion, solidarity and coordination among Kishm residents. It strives to resolve problems such as lack of transparency and low quality projects. The organization has been striving to find solution of problems. It conducts meetings and building coordination with the government. It is led by Noor Mohammad Atatyee.