Son of Mohammad Islam, Shah Waliullah Adeeb was born in 1969 in Badakhshan’s Darwaz district.
Shah Waliullah got his early education from his hometown. He then migrated to Pakistan after the soviet invasion of Afghanistan where he received further education.    
He attended an institute and college in Pakistan’s Peshawar city. He then earned his degree in Arabic literature and Islamic education in Libya. He completed his master degree from Sodan’s state university.
He earned doctorate degree from Sodan’s Khartoum state university, smilialry he obtained a degree in 2007 from international vocational institute in United States .  
Earlier, he served in various positions outside and inside the country. Before assuming the charge as governor Badakhshan, he served as head and spokesman for the higher education ministry and then discharged his duty as high council member of the same ministry.
During his stay in Pakistan, he was member of Almujahidoon magazine. He worked as an official in Afghanistan Embassy in Libya, in charge of a youth organization of migration in Pakistan, Libya and Sudan, lecturer at Africa University in Sudan and served in various other capacities.
Shah Waliullah Adeeb has written several books and papers and attended multiple national and international conferences and seminars. He speaks Dari, Pashtu, Arabic and English languages. He has political affiliation with the Jamiat Islami Party.
Contact: 0707608690