1-      Badakhshan National Radio Television:
Badakhshan National Radio Television Network broadcasts local news daily and presents other documentaries. In addition, the network presents majority of its programs from the main headquarters in Kabul.
It has more than 30 employees with Ahmad Jawad Farugh is its in charge.
Contact No: 0799152300
Email: jawad2014@yahoo.com
2-      Amo Radio, FM 87.6:
Founded in 2004 in Faizabad city of Badakhshan province by Internews, the Amo Radio presents 12 hours programs daily.
Abdul Basir Haqju is it’s in charge and the radio has 14 employees. Its programs can be received in Gurm, Baharak, Khash and Argo districts including Faizabad city.
Contact No: 0799272646
Email: haqjo.radioamoo@gmail.com
3-      Kokcha Radio:
The Kokcha Radio is established in 2004 in Faizabad city, which airs 12 hours programs daily. Abdul Malik Khurasani is the in charge, which has 12 employees including women.
Its programs can be received in several districts including Faizabad city.
Contact No: 0794833900 – 0792688080
Email: radio.kokcha.jurm@gmail.com
4-      Baharistan Radio FM 89.7:
Founded in 2008 by Internews, Rizwanullah Nizami is the in charge of the radio. It has 16 volunteer employees, which presents 12 hours daily programs.
Baharak Cultural Association is the owner of the radio. Its transmission can be received in several districts including Faizabad city.
Contact No: 0770674509 – 0794907747
Email: b.radio786@gmail.com
5-      Radio Khisham:
Founded in 2008 by Internews in Badakhshan province, its in charge is Noor Aqa Noori. It has 19 volunteer employees. It has 12 hours broadcast daily.
The radio transmission is receivable in Kisham, Tagab, Rustaq and Kalfagan districts.
Contact No: 0705917698 – 0779265420
Email: nooragha.n@gmail.com
6-      Baz Gul Radio:
The Baz Gul Radio is founded in 2013 in Faizabad city. It is a newly established radio which will start and determine broadcast and its range of coverage. The radio is financially supported by Bahroz, a professor in Badakhshan University. Basir Haq Joi is its in charge.
Contact No: 0799272646
Email: haqjo.radioamoo@gmail.com 
7-      Badakhshan Magazine:
The Badakhshan Magazine is published with the financial support of Information and Cultural Affairs Ministry since 2003.
The magazine highlights the government activities in the province. It has circulation in the nearby provinces. Abdul Wasil Latifi is the in charge of the magazine.
Contact No: 0776290748
Email: bdk.magazin@gmail.com
8-      Sima-e-Sharwand Magazine:
Known among the vibrant magazine in Faizabad city, the Sima-e-Sharwand Magazine is founded in 2008 with the financial assistance of Badakhshan University.
The magazine highlights educational, cultural and social issues. Najibullah Dahzad is the owner of the magazine while Faizan-ul-Haq Faizan is the in charge.
Contact No: 0776677777
Email: faizan1361@gmail.com
9-      Sima-e-Badakhshan Magazine:
Founded in 2009 by Amaduddin, the Sima-e-Badakhshan Magazine is a popular print media outlet in Faizabad city.
It is a monthly magazine, which covers entertainment, art, culture and economic related subjects.
Contact No: 0700754208
Email: simaiabadakshan@yahoo.com
10-  The Monthly Good Governance:
Founded in 2007 with the financial support of Germany, the Monthly Good Governance is regularly published. It highlights the activities of governor and other provincial departments. The magazine has circulation in Badakhshan and other provinces as well.
It has five employees with Engineer Hasama Basir is the in charge of the magazine.
Contact No: 0790131113
Email: inf.tsb_bda@yahoo.com
11-  The Monthly Faizabad Municipality:
Founded in 2007, the Monthly Faizabad Municipality strives to highlight the activities of Faizabad City Municipality. It has three employees and financially supported by the Municipality.
Abdul Basir Wasiq is the in charge of the weekly.
Contact No: 0799816998
E-mail: basir.wasiq@yahoo.com      
12.    Roshangari Magazine:
The monthly Roshangari Magazine is established in 2011 in Faizabad city.
It is financially supported by the civil society organization. Sayyed Akram Sadiq Lalzada heads the magazine.
Contact No: 0799139754
Email: shaheen.pamir@yahoo.com   
13-Saud Magazine:
Saud Magazine is founded in 2011 by Salahuddin Hamidi. The magazine focuses on daily activities with special reference covers political, cultural and social issues.
Fakhruddin Qari is its director. It is financially supported by its owner, citizens and government institutions.
Contact No: 0792712007
Email: qarizadahamid@gmail.com
14-Voice of Badakhshan Magazine:
Founded in 2000 by Sibghtullah Khaksar, former head of Badakhshan province’s executive committee, the magazine play a highly significant role to create awareness about social, cultural, political and art related issues through its publications.
Contact No: 0799305459
Email: khaksary1366@yahoo.com   
15-Inqilabi Farhangi Magazine:
The Inqilabi Farhangi Magazine is founded in 2011 by Sayd Moustafa Aqili. The magazine aims to counter alien cultures and protect Afghan societies from the influence of foreign cultures.
Contact No: 0799220327
Email: Mustafa_aqeli@hotmail.com
16-Sarzamen-e-Mun Magazine:
Known as among active magazines of Badakhshan province, the Sarzamen-e-Mun Magazine is founded in 2011by Kifayatullah Saleemi. It covers historical topics related to Afghanistan.
Contact No: 0702612797
Email: sarzaminman@gmail.com
17-The Monthly Council of Journalist:
Founded in 2011 by the Association of Badakhshan Journalists, the magazine serves to reflect the daily activities and incidents. In addition, it covers social, cultural, and political topics.
The magazine is financially supported by council of journalists. The magazine has circulation in multiple government and private sectors.
Contact No: 0799272646
Email: haqjo.radioamoo@gmail.com    
18-The Monthly Intibaq-e- Sharq
The Monthly Intibaq-e-Sharq is established by in 2012. It is headed by Nizamuddin Mudaqiq. The magazine focuses to address social, cultural, political and contemporary issues. It is financially backed by the private sector, which has five volunteer employees.
Contact No: 0799272646
Email: haqjo.radioamoo@gmail.com
The above mentioned media outlets are known as the vibrant organizations in Badakhshan province. The province has some inactive media outlets, which are not active because of financial restraints or other problems.
Following are some of the inactive media outlets of Badakhshan.
1-      Sihat Rawani:
Founded in 2011 by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Burhan, Sihat Rawani focuses on topics related to drugs and affected people. Sihat Rawani continues publishing from Mazar-e-Sharif city, however, it is closed down in Faizabad due to unknown reason.
Contact No: 0799827666
Email: kiskin@hotmail.com
2-      Ebtihaj Magazine:
Founded in 2008 by Sayyed Khalid Mostafw, the magazine is headed by Khushqadam Usmani. The magazine had to be closed down after a year.
Contact No: 07999270073
Email: usmoni786@gmail.com
3-      Sarwash Pamir Magazine:
The Sarwash Pamir Magazine is founded in 2010 by Obaidullah Pajman. It is headed by Talab-u-Din Ghayyasi. The magazine halted publication because of economic constraints.
Contact No: 0786181466
Email: sorosh.pamir@gmail.com
4-      Harri to Pamir Magazine:
Founded in 2012 by Saifuddin Sayyash, the magazine is headed by Abdul Baseer Wasiq. University students from Herat province contributed to help establish the magazine. Economic problems forced the magazine to stop publication.
Contact No: 0799816998
Email: basir.wasiq@yahoo.com
5-      Shanakat-e-Bartar Magazine:
Founded in 2012 by Naik Mohammad Nazar, the magazine could not continue because of economic problems. Amanullah Ayar was its in charge.
Contact No: 0708540420
Email: ayaar.aman@gmail.com
6-      Monthly Makhfi Badakhshi Magazine:
The Makhfi Badakhshi Magazine was founded in 2009 by the Department of Women Affairs. It was headed by Sayyed Habib Nahib. The magazine could not continue and had to be closed down because of financial problems.
The magazine had its focus to publish article regarding violence against women and other issues.
Contact No: 0787300902
Email: saidhabib@gmail.com
7-      Ertiqa-e-Farhang:
Founded in 2011 by Nizamuddin Hikmatyar, the magazine had to be closed down because of financial problems after a year of its publication.
Contact No: 0794313882
Email: nizam_hekmatyar@yahoo.com
8-      Lajward Magazine:
Lajward Magazine was founded in 2003 by Sufi Mohammad Nazim. Since three years, the magazine had halted publications because of financial problems.
Contact No: 0702612797
Email: m.nazim@gmail.com
9-      Nawa-e-Atraf:
Founded in 2010 by Mohammad Azam Mudabir, the magazine had focus on youth related issues. The magazine had to be closed down after a year because of funds shortages.
Contact No: 0779520020
Email:  naway.atraf@gmail.com