01-Dr. Nilofar Ibrahimi
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 3667
Dr. Nilofar Ibrahimi, daughter of Ibrahim Bek, she is born in 1975 in Kishem District of Badakhshan province. Ibrahimi graduated from the Aaeda Beganji High School in Mazar-e-Sharif in 1991. In 2003, she received her bachelor degree in Medical Sciences from the Medical Faculty of Balkh University. After graduation, she discharged her duties as a doctor in the Rabia Balkhi Hospital in Kabul and later moved to the Kishem District Hospital run by an Afghan Care of Afghan Families (CAF) NGO. The CAF is busy serving the community in health sector in Badakhshan province.
Contacts: 0707415300
02- Alhaj Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 8164
Alhaj Shah Abdul Ahad Afzali is elected from Badakhshan. He is the son of Shah Abdul Rashid Khan. Born in 1953 in Darayem District of Badakhshan province, Afzali graduated from 12th class at the Shah Mahmmud Ghazi High School, Badakhshan province in 1971. He migrated to Tajikistan in the wake of intensified conflict in Afghanistan where he spent nine- long years of his life. He established schools and educational centers for Afghan students there. He returned to Afghanistan in 2001. His mother language is Dari but he speaks Pashto and Uzbek languages fluently. Back in 1971 and 1979, Afzali discharged his duties in the Ministries of Interior, Education, and Finance in various capacities and later he was elevated to the vibrant position of Governor Badakhshan in 1976. After 1979, he resumed his own business of pharmacy and initiated agriculture related activities. After staging comeback from Tajikistan, he represented Badakhshan Province in an Emergency Loya Jirga. He enjoyed the slot of Deputy Governor of Badakhshan Province from 2002-2003. From 2005 to 2007, Afzali was the Governor of Ghor Province for two years. Later, he became the director of the Integrity and Public Relations Agency in Ghor province.
 Contacts: 0787415588
03-Alhaj Safiullah Muslim
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 8632
Alhaj Safiullah Muslim born in 1976 in the Argo District of Badakhshan Province, he is the son of Mawlawi Hamidullah Muslim. Muslim got his early education at home and completed his secondary education at Kokcha High School in Argo District. Currently, he is studying to earn a degree in Economics from the prestigious Kabul University. He speaks Dari, Turkish, and Uzbek. Muslim could not pursue higher education because of lack of educational opportunities and the continued civil strife in his homeland. He became the director of import/export Company. For 15 years, he spearheaded various businesses in the import/export and construction sectors. He is currently the director of the Hamid Muslim Company.
Contacts: 0797484848
04-Abdul Latif Pedram
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 8469
Abdul Latif Pedram is born in 1963 in Darwaz District of Badakhshan Province. Pedram has a master degree in Islamic Studies from the Sorbonne University, Paris. He studied Persian literature at the Universities of Kabul and Tehran. Nationally known as a celebrated poet, journalist and writer, Pedram has for years been a leading public figure in Afghanistan. He firmly believes on federalism and having an anti-fundamentalist stance. During the Taliban regime, he spent times in France where he strived hard to promote Persian poetry and literature. He simultaneously speaks Dari, Pashto, English, French, Arabic, Urdu, and Russian. Pedram is an honorary member of the International Parliament of Writers and Association of Persian Speakers of the World. As a writer and journalist, Pedram became a known public figure. He served as director of the Hakim Naser Khisraw Library and Cultural Center. He co-founded and is currently the leader of the Afghanistan National Congress Party (Hezb-e-KongaraMilli Afghanistan), and ran for President in both the 2004 and 2009 elections, gaining a small percentage of votes each time. He currently serves as one of four spokespersons of the Coalition for the Support of the Rule of Law. Some members of Hezb-e-KongaraMilli Afghanistan split from the main branch of the party in 2006 following differences over the political stances of the leadership.
Contacts: 0700180902
05-Saranwal Abdul Rawouf
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 9703
Saranwal Abdul Rawouf is born in 1973 at Yaftal District in Badakhshan, Rawouf earned his bachelor degree and also secured a Technical Certificate. From early 90s, Rawouf served for four years as a program officer at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). In 1994, he worked at the Attorney General’s office as a prosecutor until 1998. Since then, he is heading his own private construction company in Badakhshan known as Shakar Lab Yaftal.
Contacts: 0707483135
06-Mohammad Zekria Sawda
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 7982
Mohammad Zekria Sawda is the son of Barat Muhammad Sawda. Born in 1971 in Faizabad city (fourth district), Badakhshan Province, Sawda completed his primary education in Pakistan. He attended secondary school at Usman High School of Jurm District in Badakhshan. In 2006, he earned his bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from Kabul University. He studied management and administration programs as well. He speaks Dari, Pashto, Urdu, and English. Sawda established the Maihan Association for Communication and Cooperation in Kabul, which was officially registered in 2006. He worked with a youth organization known as Communication and Coordination Association of Youth in Afghanistan. He is a member of the Afghanistan Lawyers Association. Sawda previously worked as a businessman and trader in the precious stones industry.
Contacts: 0773230000
07-Fauzia Kofi
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 16192
Fauzia Kofi is the daughter of Abdul Rahman. Born in 1975 in the Kofa District of Badakhshan Province, Kofi speaks Dari, English, and Urdu. She obtained her master degree in Business Management from a University in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Currently, she is taking evening classes at the Law Faculty at Kabul University. Kofi was an English teacher at Badakhshan University. She also worked for UNICEF in both Badakhshan and Kabul Provinces. She worked with a variety of organizations focusing on women and children issues. Kofi was a member of the 2005 parliament. During the 2005 parliament first term, she got elected to the position of Second Deputy Speaker for one year. 
Contacts: 0707250000
08-Alhaj Zalmai Mujadidi
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 16410
Alhaj Zalmai Mujadidi (Zalmay Mojaddedi) is born in 1958 in Jurm District of Badakhshan Province; Mujadidi holds a bachelor degree from the Geology Faculty of Kabul University.  In the 1990s, as a result of his opposition to the Hezb-e-Jamiat Islami Afghanistan’s party leader, and later with Burhannadin Rabbani, he shifted to Kabul. During his stay in Kabul, he developed close ties with President Hamid Karzai, before becoming Member of Parliament. He considers himself to be a conservative Islamist. Mujadidi speaks Dari. He is a former jihadi leader. He was also the head of the 10th department of the Afghan National Security Directorate, which handles presidential security and the security of other high-ranking officials. He secured 14,145 votes in the 2005 parliamentary elections, standing second highest figure in the province, behind Burhanuddin Rabbani.  
Contacts: 0700055555
09-Amanullah Payman
Elected from: Badakhshan, Votes: 8289
Amanullah Payman is born in 1965 in Raghestan District of Badakhshan Province, Payman studied at Raghestan District School and high school in Peshawar. He graduated from the Peshawar University earning a degree in Law and Political Science. He is now studying Law and Political Science at Dushanbe University. He speaks Dari, Pashto, Urdu, and English. During the 80s, Payman was a civil society activist and worked to promote women and human rights. Currently, he is not associated with any civil society organizations. Payman worked as chief of staff for President Rabbani in 1992. From 1995 to 2002, he became the special envoy of the Islamic State to the northern regions. In 2003, he was a representative at the Constitutional Loya Jirga. Payman succeeded in the 2005 parliamentary elections and was elected as chair of the commission for upholding MPs’ Rights and Privileges. In 2008, he was elected as Second Deputy Speaker in the parliament. He reelected in 2009 for a second term.
Contacts: 0707363636