Located to the west of the country, Badghisprovincecomprises seven administrative units including Qala-e-Naw, the provincial capital.
1.      Qala-e-Naw: 
Badghis is among the provinces, which direly needs rehabilitation and development projects. Qala-e-Naw Road Project is the only ongoingscheme leading to Heart. The province gets lowest level of reconstruction programs implementation. People of the province have been vehemently complaining about lack of reconstruction projects.
2.      AabKamari:
AabKamari District is located to the west of Badghis. An estimate done in 2002 showed its population reached to 36,300 individuals. About 80% of its population is Tajikwhile the restis the Pasthunethnicity. Sang Atash is the central village and AabKhodaye, Ilkhan, Anjir, Dozdanak, KohnaQul, Khalifa and Papal are the surrounding areas of the district. Aabkamarivillage is famous for its pistachio Jungle. Thousands of the people eke out their livelihood from the trees of its dense forests.
3.      Jewand:
Jewand is the largest district located to the southeast of the province. The population of the district is estimated at around 46,403 individuals. Its center is also called Jewand. The district has 380 villages which are located on hill tops and heights of sky-touching mountains.
4.      Ghormach:
Ghormach District is located to the north of the province, sharing shares borders with Turkmenistan to the north, Qaisar District of Faryabprovince to the east, andMurghab District to the Southwest. Ghormach is the center of the district.
The district is famous for poppy cultivation before and after the Taliban regime. Its population was estimated at around 61, 956 individuals in 2003. There are 221 villages in the district as per the UNAMA estimates comprising Aabgarmak, Arzank, Do Aabi, Ghorband, Husain, Joy-e-sheer, Kariz, Khatun, Khoshaki, Pamakhto, Pato, Rangin, Rashid, Sertikt, Sorion, Sanjidak and Sharshari.
5.      Muqur:
Muqur District shares border with the provincial center, in the south with Qadis District, in the southeast with Murghab District and in the north it shares border with Turkmenistan Port. The district is located in a scenic valley alongside a river which passes through mountains.
6.      Qadis:
Qadis District is located to the south of Badghis, which shares border to the east with Jewand District, to the west with to Qala-e-Naw, Moqor and Murghab to the west andto the south with SabzakDam.
The center is called Qadis. Its weather is naturallypleasant. Qadisis widely said to be the most beautiful District in Badghis.
The sacred places:
Mir SeyedSalim Janshrine, Langer Sharif, Amir AbdurRahmanAab, KhajaSabz Posh and BibiMurad are located in the Badghis. The ancient place is Shahr Malik Anter.
7.      BalaMurghab:
BalaMurghab is located to the north of the province, sharing border to the north with Turkmenistan and to the east with Faryabprovince. The main sources of income of the district are livestock and pistachiojungle.