The northwestern Badghis province is historically known as a central place for civil societies, which are established in the provincial capital as well as districts.
According to Sayed Agha Arfaq, besides male, the female community is actively participating in functions of civil societies.
The civil societies in the province are established in an attempt to address all kind of social, cultural, sports and industrial related issues of the community and to work for the development of various fields.
1-         Badghis Film:
Founded in 2008, the Badghis Film civil society is working for the enhancement of cultural values through film making and documentaries. The society is headed by Abdullah Khiradmand, which is able to produce more than 20 movies.
The independent Badighis Film Society has more than 40 employees who work for the promotion of cultural values.
The society received pride of performance award from ministry of information and cultural affairs back in 2012.
Contact No: 0797051809 
2-         Malalai Cultural Society:
Founded in 2006, the Malalai Cultural Society has branches in Bala Murghab district and Herat province.
The society is formally allowed to initiate work in 2006, which is headed by youth of the locality.
The society is promoting cultural, educational and art related activities. It holds poetry functions, training programs and establishes libraries throughout the province.
Sharaff-u-Din Amarkhel heads the society.
Contact No: 0702056046
3-         Union of Cultural Societies:
Founded in 2013 in Herat province, the Union of Cultural Societies is a platform for the integration of more than 14 civil societies.
The society is yet to obtain permit for its activities, has a branch in Badghis province, which is headed by Abul Haq Majroh.
It strives to develop understanding and cooperation among different civil societies.
Contact No: 0703131229  
4-         Afghan Disables Society:
Founded back in 2007, the Afghan Disables Society is working to provide education, shelter, food and financial assistance to the disable persons.
Contact No: 07899445701
5-         Afghan Youth National Organization:
The Afghan Youth National Organization is established in 2007. The organization has been striving for the development of education, human rights, and solution of mutual disputes.
Headed by Mohammad Akbar hotak, the Youth National Organization has the membership of thousands of youths.
Contact No: 079923006
 6-        Northern Pashtuns Tribal Council:
Founded in 2013, the Northern Pashtun Tribal Council is created by the local leaders of northern Pashtun tribe.
Its main objective is to find out best solution to locals problems and enhanced peaceful activities.
The council is headed by Abdul Aziz.
7-         Badghis Journalist Society:
The Badghis Journalists Society formally started its activities back in 2011. The main objective of the society is to empower media outlets in the province.
Nabiullah Bnish is the in charge of the society.
8-         Badghis Tailor Sister Society:
Founded in 2003, the Tailor Sister Society strives to serve women folks of the province to promote and protect their rights as well as defending gender discrimination. 
9-         Hussainiah Cultural and Professional Society:
Founded in 2010, the society is serving to protect women rights and gender discrimination. In addition to provincial capital, the society is active in multiple districts and localities.
Monisah Qadari is the in charge of the society, which as more than 250 members.
Contact No: 0772110803
 10-      Zohal Developmental Society:
The Zohal Developmental Society has started it activities back in 2011 for the development of education sector, women rights, human skill and facilitate the entire community.
Zibah Shaheedi is the in charge of the society and having 80, however, the strength of its members surged to more than 2000 women.
The society is extends services in multiple districts and localities.
Contact No: 0797648207 - 07934632780
11-       Sisters Handcraft Society:
The Sisters Handcraft Society has recently obtained working permit. The society strives for the development of handcraft industry such as weaving carpets, clothes and other stuff.
Its central office is located in the provincial capital having 50 women workers.
Azizi Majidi heads the society.
12-       Kawsar Social and Education Services Society:
Founded in 2011, the Kawsar Social and Education Services Society is working hard to enhance education, human skills and other similar activities throughout the province.
Headed by Sharifa, the strength of its members reached to 250 individuals.
Contact No: 0798003820