1-      Badghis National Radio:
Founded in 1986, the Badghiz National Radio remained a media tool of pro-soviet campaign since it was established, however, its broadcast halted because of continued war in the country.
The radio is rehabilitated in 2004 by the financial assistance extended by Spanish Provincial Rehabilitation Team.
The National Radio now broadcasts in area of provincial capital, Qala-i-Naw on FM waves.
It has 17 hours transmission. The radio has 15 volunteer employees.
2-      Badghis National Television:
The Badghis National Television is established in 2005, however, it would yet to be fully activated.
The Badghis National Television broadcasts from central national television in Kabul and presents eight hours daily transmission.
As many as 40 youth voluntarily discharge their duties as employees of the Badghis National Radio.
   3-Badghis Film:
The Badghis Film is a private cultural institute headed by Abdullah Khirdmand Durani.
The institute has completed as many as 31 documentaries so far.
The Badghis Film Institute got working permit from ministry of information and cultural back in 2009. The permit was awarded by the ministry after demonstration of excellent performance by the institute in 2012.
The institute has 40 formal and few volunteer employees.
Contact No: 0797051809
E-mail: Badghesfelm@gmail.com
4- Hanzala Radio:
Founded by Abdur Rahim Rahmani in 2007, the Hanzala Radio is one of the vibrant medium in the province. It has four employees.
Its financial expenditure is met by the revenue generated through its commercials.
Contact No: 0700419424 – 0795500357
Email: sayed-rahmani@yahoo.com
5-Voice of Baghis:
It is a print media outlet which is being published each month on behalf of information and cultural affairs department.
Currently, it has two employees.
Contact No: 0799591017 - 0799002448 
6-Khurshid Banowan:
The monthly Khurshid Banowan magazine is specifically focusing on women affairs. It is founded by Sharifi Rahim and Mohammad Sadiq Atif in 2010.
The magazine is financially supported with the help of private funds. It has four employees.
Contact No: 0799662659 – 0798003820
E-mail: sadiq_afif@yahoo.com