1-      Tanweer Television:
The only television in Baghlan province--- Tanweer Television-- attracts a large number of viewers. Founded in 2012 in Puli Khumri city, the owner of the television is Sher Mohammad Jahish while its in charge is Obiduallah Jahish.
It broadcasts programs from 06:00 am till 01:00 am. It transmission range is said to be 40 kilometers in Puli Khumri city and surrounding district of Dushi, and DihnaGhori.
The television has 15 employees with three of them are female.
Email: Tv.tanwir@yahoo.com
Contact No: 0707002929-0700615875  
2-      Radio Arzoha:
Founded in 2006 by Sher Mohammad Jahish, Radio Arzoha is among active media outlets in Baghlan province.
The radio aris programs from 05:00 am until zero hour in the night. Its broadcast covers upto 40 kilometers of area.
The radio expenses are met with the help of its commercial and personal investment. It has 20 employees out of which eight are females. The radio broadcast on FM 88.1 in PuliKhumri city. Obidullah Jahash is its in charge.
Contact No: 0700615875
Email: jaheshbas@yahoo.com
3-      Radio Adiab:
Known as one of the fast growing media channel, Radio Adiab is founded by Habib-ur-Rahman Sherzai in 2008.
Its transmission can be received on FM 89.7 from 05:00 am till 01:00 am. It range of coverage is 45 kilometers.
Its expenses are being met through personal contribution by the owners and commercials.
The total number of its employees is 22 out of which eight are female. Hameed Sherzai is its in charge.
Contact No: 0700721984- 0706701345
Email: habibrahmanshirzi@yahoo.com
4-      Radio Payman:
Founded in 2007, the Payman Radio is among the active media outlet of Baghlan province. Its transmissions can be received on FM 90.0, which starts from 06:00 am and lasts till zero hours in the night.
The rang of its broadcast is 50 kilometers while commercial breaks and personal investment are the sources of its financial budget.
It has 15 employees including three women. Sher Mohammad Jahish is the in charge of the radio. People widely appreciate the transmission and programs of the radio.
Contact No: 0700615875
Email: Jaheshbas@yahoo.com
5-      Radio Trajmeer:
The Trajmeer Radio broadcasting center is located in Pul iKhumri city and its transmissions can be received on FM 89.4.
The Inter News supported the radio while Mahfooz Saeedi is its in charge.
Contact No: 0777283612
Email: Mafozullah.sayd@yahoo.com  
6-      Radio Farhat:
One of the active media outlets in Baghlan province, the Radio Farhat is founded in 2009 by Societal Association of Elite Women. It broadcast on FM 91.3 and located in Puli Khumri City.
The Societal Association of Elite Women is the owner while Omaid Mubara is its in charge.
Its daily broadcast starts from 06:00 am and lasts till 10:00 pm. The radio started its transmission for the first time from Dushi district at the beginning and later expanded to Puli Khumri city.
The owner of radio is Inter news. It has 12 employees while the total range of its broad cast is 20 kilometers.
Contact No: 0705500601- 0708968674
E mail: Shokria1@gmail.com
7-      Radio Sana:
Founded in 2009, the main office of Radio Sana is located in Puli Khumricity. It is considered among the active media outlets in the province.
The daily broadcast of the radio starts from 05:00 am and lasts till 01:00 am on FM 87.8.
Radio Sana fulfill it expenses from its commercials and personal investment by the owners. It has 11 employees with four of them are female.
Obidullah Jahash is the owner while Noria Hameedi is the charge.
Contact No: 0706702224- 0700707119
E-mail: ojahesh@yahoo.com
8-      Radio Khushi:
Known as an entertainment radio, the Khushi is founded in 2009 and broadcast on FM 89.2 from 06:00 am till 11:00 pm with its transmissions can be received at a distance of 50 kilometers.
Its financial expenditures are met through commercial announcements and private investment.
The radio has 20 employees with four of them are females. Abdul Mateen Mubariz is the owner while Abdul Karim Javed is the in charge.
Contact No: 0700706507
E-mail: Khoshi.RD@gmail.com
9-      The Weekly Silsilah:
Founded in 2008 by Sher Mohammad Jahish, the weekly Silsilah is one of the prominent magazines. It is distributed in Baghlan province, which has
employees. Its main office is located in Puli Khumri city. Sher Mohammad Jahesh is the owner while Obidullah Jahesh is its in charge.
Commercial announcement are the main source of its revenue generation.
Contact No: 0799045881
E-mail: haheshbos@yahoo.com
10-  Uqab Publication:
Founded in 2007 in Baghlani Jadid district by Mihan Cultural and Social Union of Enlightened People, the magazine has been publishing 500 copies per month.
Its owner is Mihan Cultural and Social Union of Enlightened People while Bismillah Sharifi is its in charge.
E-mail: b_sharefi@yahoo.com
Contact No: 0700795937- 0700720953
11-  Weekly Itihad:
Among the active magazine in Baghlan province, the weekly Itihad is founded back in 1951 by the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs.
The main office of the magazine is located in Puli Khumri city. Its owner is the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs while it’s in charge is Sayed Abdullah Sadat.
The magazine has 500 copies circulation weekly. It has the financial support of Department of Information and Cultural Affairs.
Contact No: 0700703966
E-mail: Fahim_1919@yahoo.com
12-  Baghalan Local Radio:
The Baghlan Local Radio broadcasts from 08:00 am and lasts till 10:00 am. It starts its local broadcast from 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm the rest of transmissions is run by the broadcasts of Radio Afghanistan and Kabul Radio.
13-  Baghlan Local Television:
The Baghlan Local Television broadcasts from Kabul and airs programs from 06:00 pm till 11:00 pm.
Zabihullah Rais Zadah is the head Baghlan Television. It has 25 employees including two female.