22-Assadullah Sharifi
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 15150
 Assadullah Sharifi (Sharefi), son of Shujjauddin, was born in 1965 in Khulm district, Balkh province. Sharifi attended primary school in Khulm district, Balkh province and then completed his secondary education at Ansari High School in Kabul, where he was awarded his twelfth class certificate in 1981. Sharifi is the deputy chairman of the Khalid Noor Group, which is chaired by Balkh governor Ustad Atta Noor. He is a now a prominent businessman in northern Afghanistan, having returned to the country after spending time in Central Asia during the Taliban regime and having since then worked in the construction and energy industries. Sharifi is known to have connections to Hezb-e-JamiatIslami Afghanistan, though he ran without affiliation. His first language is Dari and he also speaks Russian.
 Contacts: 0794000444
 23-Alhaj Maulawi Abdul RahmanRahmani
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 12389
 AlhajMaulawi Abdul RahmanRahmani, son of GhulamHaidar, was born in 1977 in Mazar-i Sharif, Balkh province. He speaks Dari, and also Arabic, Urdu and English. Mr. Rahmani completed high school and was awarded his fourteenth class certificate. He studied at an Islamic madrasa in Balkh province and earned his bachelor’s degree in Islamic Education from Peshawar, Pakistan. Eager to undertake further research into Islamic issues, he then joined a madrasa. Rahmani is the head of the Naqshbandi Sufi order in Balkh province. He served on Balkh’s religious council in 2009. Rahmani taught at the Asadiya Madrasa in Balkh province, teaching Islamic texts to young people. He was also the manager of a religious television station called RaheRawshan. He has hosted programs on national television promoting Islam’s message of peace. Rahmani is affiliated with Hezb-e-JamiatIslami Afghanistan and also with the Provincial Governor of Balkh, Ustad Atta Noor.
 Contacts: 0788908050
 24-Alhaj Muhammad Abdo
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 14173
 Alhaj Muhammad Abdo, son of Haji Muhammad Akbar, was born in 1967 in Chimtal district, Balkh province. Abdo finished his primary and secondary education at Ahmad Ulkhizerya High School in Balkh province. He got his bachelor’s degree in Islamic Education from Jamiatul Mustafa University, in Qum, Iran, in 2009. Abdo is a member of the governmental inter-parliamentary committee of the United States, United Kingdom and Iran, and a member of the Gopik Association. Abdo served as a judge in Balkh province from 1991 to 2003. He then worked for two years as the Deputy Governor of Balkh province, under Ustad Atta Noor. He became a Member of Parliament in 2005. He speaks Dari and Pashto.
2005 Parliament: Abdo ran for parliament in 2005 and won a seat in Balkh province with 9,110 votes. Abdo is affiliated with Hezb-e-WahdatIslamiMardom Afghanistan and has been affiliated with the “Reformist” group in parliament.
 Contacts: 0799208373
25-Brishna Rabe
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 3229
 BrishnaRabe was born in 1963 in Mazar-I Sharif, Balkh province. Rabe finished her secondary education at the Sultan Razia High School in Mazar city, Balkh province. She graduated from Balkh University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. She has also studied subjects such as management, leadership and administration on short courses in the United Kingdom and the United States. Since 2002 Rabe has made connections with women’s NGOs in Balkh province. After completing her degree, Rabe worked as the principal at FatemaBalkhi High School in Mazar-i-Sharif. In total, she has worked in education for over 26 years. Rabe is a member of Hezb-e-JamiatIslami Afghanistan. She speaks Dari and a little English.39
 Contacts: 0799002483 
 26-Saifora Niazai
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 4358
 SaiforaNiazai (also spelled SiforaNeyazi or SaifuraNiazi) was born in the Kahlid Project area of Mazar city, Balkh Province in 1962. Niazai finished her early education at the Sultan Razia High School, Mazar city, Balkh province in 1978. She has a bachelor’s degree in Science from Kabul University, which she earned in 1982.
As the former head of the Department for Women’s Affairs (DOWA) in Balkh province, Niazai has connections to women’s NGOs in the region. After graduating from University, Niazai worked as a teacher and later as the principal of the Sultan Razia High School in Balkh Province. Before running for parliament in 2005 she was the head of DOWA in Balkh province. Niazai is known to have connections to Hezb-e-JamiatIslami Afghanistan, but in both the 2005 and 2010 elections, Niazai campaigned as an independent candidate. She was a member of the Constitutional Loya Jirga in 2003.  She speaks Dari and Pashto
 Contacts: 0700509161
27-Muhammad FarhadAzimi
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 10787
 Muhammad FarhadAzimi son of Muhammad Azim was born in 1976 in Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province. Azimi finished his primary and secondary education in Bakhtar High School, Mazar-e-Sharif in 1989. He received his bachelor’s degree in law and political science from Balkh University in 1993. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in International Law in Tajikistan. From 2002-2004, Azimi worked in the Netherlands as a computer programmer. He then returned to Afghanistan, and from 2005-2010, he held a teaching position with the faculty of law and political science at Balkh University. At the same time, he was elected to the Balkh Provincial Council and was later selected to serve as the chairman of the council.  He speaks Dari, English, and Dutch.
 Contacts: 0786002000
28-Alhaj Muhammad IshaqRahguzar
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 17181
 Alhaj Muhammad IshaqRahguzar was born in 1966 in the fourth district of Mazar city (AzizabadeChoqdak area), Balkh province. Rahgozar has a master’s degree in Management from Tajikistan University in 2010.During the Soviet era,Rahgozar was a commander for the Hezb-e-JamiatIslami Afghanistan party, led by BurhannudinRabbani. He was the governor of Balkh province in 2002-2003.Rahgozar led the polls in Balkh province in the 2005 election. He speaks Dari.
 Contacts: 070051144440
29-Dr. Gulalay Noor Safi
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 3018
Dr. Gulalay Noor Safi was born in 1957, in Kabul. Safi comes from an influential family from Balkh – her father was elected to the Wolesi Jirga during the Zahir Shah regime.  Safi completed her primary education at the MahmodHotaki School in Kabul, and then graduated from Soraya High School in Kabul in 1973. She graduated from the Crimea Medical University of Ukraine, where she trained as a doctor and specialized in gynecology, in 2002. After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Safi worked closely with MedicaMondiale, a German women’s organization working in Afghanistan, supporting victims of trauma. Safi worked at a government hospital beginning in 2002. She also joined MedicaMondiale in 2002 and then became a Member of Parliament for Balkh Province in 2005.She is affiliated with Hezb-e-MuhazMilliIslami Afghanistan. She speaks Pashto, Dari, English, German and Russian.
 Contacts: 070051222
 30-Alhaj Alam Khan Azadi
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 16820
 AlhajAlam Khan Azadi was born in 1950 in NahriShahi district, Balkh province. Azadi graduated from high school with a twelfth class certificate. During both the war against the Soviet regime and the ensuing Afghan Civil War, Azadi was a Mujahideen commander with Hezb-e-JamiatIslami Afghanistan. Azadi was elected to parliament in 2005. He speaks Dari and Pashto.
 Contacts: 700500624
 31-Ahmad Shah Ramazan
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 19614
 Ahmad Shah Ramazan, son of Ramazan, was born in 1969, in northern Balkh province. Ramazan finished his secondary education at Bakhtar High School in Mazar-e Sharif in 1989, and went on to study engineering at the University of Tashkent in Uzbekistan in 1999. Ramazan is a prominent businessman, and owns carpet-making companies, an oil and iron export business, restaurants and paper factories in Kabul and Mazar. He was appointed to the Meshrano Jirga in 2005. Ramazan’s brother, Ashraf Ramazan, was a leading parliamentary candidate in the 2005 election who was killed by gunmen before the announcement of the results. His supporters pressured the government to allow Ramazan to take his brother’s place; in response, Karzai appointed him to the Meshrano Jirga. Ramazan is affiliated with Hezb-e-WahdatIslami Afghanistan. He speaks Dari, Uzbek, basic Russian, Pashto and English.
 Contacts: 0799226262 
32-Abbas Ibrahim Zada
Elected from: Balkh, Votes: 18413
Abbas Ibrahim Zada was born in 1970 in Sholgara district, Balkh province. Ibrahim Zada graduated with a twelfth class certificate from Bakhtar High School, Mazar-i Sharif, in 1988.Ibrahim Zada runs his own charity, the Ibrahim Zada Group Charity Foundation, which provides literacy courses for women. Ibrahim Zada is a prominent businessman owning companies in the oil and gas industries. He is general director of the Ibrahim Zada Group Association, which encompasses over twenty individual companies. He also owns a private television network in Balkh. He speaks Dari, Urdu and English.
Contacts: 0799000751