7 – Maulvi Mohammad Danishjo:
Elected Senator
Maulvi Mohammad Danishjo son of Mohammad Boniad was born in the Kashanda district of northern Balkh province in 1971. He is a fourteen grader and has served as a teacher. He had also worked as employee of rural rehabilitation and development ministry, tribal elder, founder of Balkh Ulema Council and foreign relation officer of the relevant Council. Being a member of Jamiat-i-Islami party, Danishjo has taken part in the Jihad against the occupation of Afghanistan by soviet troops.
Contacts: 0797475797, 0774331092
8 – Haji Abdul Majid:
Elected Senator:
Haji Abdul Majid, son of Ewaz Kahan, he was born in the Shortipa District of northern Balkh province in 1970. He is a ninth grader and had served as director of National Solidarity Programme (NSP).
Contacts: 0779973759, 0774032000
84 – Farida Kochai:
Appointed Senator:
Farida Kochai daughter of Ghulam Mohammad was born in the Balkh district of northern Balkh province in 1964. She completed primary school.
Contacts: 0793535227, 0771046490