Besides national radio and television, there are two private radios and a state-run monthly outlet. The past decade saw tens of weekly and other timely outlets established but subsequently had to close down due to lack of funding. 
1-         National Radio and Television:
National radio and television were established under the provincial information and culture department in 2008. Both the mediums have 12 employees. The electronic media broadcasts programs from 6: 00 am to 10: 00 pm with three hours programs from Kabul National Radio and Television and one hour local programs which include provincial news and reports. Led by Mehdi Hussain Zada, it follows the policy from the central national radio and television.
Contact:   0797268292
2-Bamyan Radio:
Bamyan Radio is a leading independent source of medium and was established by Internews in 2003 in Bamyan. Having news, cultural, political, social and educational programs. The radio airs 12 hours broadcasts. The FM radio is headed by Ali Irfan and has eight employees.  
Contact:  0799393030
3-Paiwand Radio:
The privately-owned radio was established back in 2011 following financial support by the U.S. Embassy. With previously 12 hours programs, currently the radio has four hours programs including news, round tables. The radio is headed by Akbar Danish and covers the Bamayn city and surrounding villages.
4-Sema-i-Bamyan monthly magazine:
The Sema-i-Bamyan monthly magazine was established right after the collapse of Taliban regime and is being circulated in Bamyan and among the public libraries of other provinces. Headed by Mohammad Reza Rahim, the outlet covers science and cultural issues.
Contact: 0773982545