9 – Sayed Asadullah Jafari: 
Elected Senator from Bamyan Province:
Son of Sayed Ghazanfar Shah, Sayed Asadullah was born in 1956 in provincial capital Bamyan city of Dasht-i-Esa Khan village. He is graduated from high school in Bamyan and was affiliated with Itifaq Council during Jihad. Earlier, he served in provincial council and later became senator. Currently, he has no political affiliation.
Contact: 0702171736
10 – Hidayatullah Rehayai:
Elected Senator from Bamyan:
Hidayatullah Rehayai, son of Mohammad Ali was born in 1963 in Panjab district of Bamyan province. He was graduated from Nargis secondary school, and currently he is a third class student of political science at the Khwarzmi Higher Education Institute.  He served as a teacher at Panjab secondary school during the Taliban era. He became a senator through Bamyan provincial council and has no political affiliation with any political party.
Contact: 0777720414