5 – Abdul Satar Efat:
Elected Senator:
Son of Mohammad Alim, Abdul Satar Efat was born in Shorab village in the Dahna-i-Ghori village of northern Baghlan province in 1959. He is a high school graduate and served as Jihadi commander, district chief, brigade commander and senator during Jihad against the soviet troops. Efat has the membership of Maulvi Khalis Branch of Hezb-i-Islami of Afghanistan in the past.
Contacts: 0700683936 
6 – Maulvi Abdul Wali Raji:
Elected Senator:
Son of Maulvi Mohammad Arif Khan, Maulvi Abdul Wali Raji was born in Wagho village in the Khost Frang district of northern Balkh province. He holds bachelor degree from Sharia Law Faculty, with Bayan-i-Haqiqat and Zan Dar Ayena-i-Haqiqat, are sample of his poetry and publications. During Jihad against soviet, he served in judiciary and as principal of Khost Farang Religious Studies Centre. He acts as secretary of Meshrano Jirga.
Contacts: 0777776411, 0705740718   
78 – Haji Nazar Mohammad Faqirzai:
Elected Senator:
Son of Haji Hazrat Mohammad, Haji Nazar Mohammad Faqiri was born in the Pul-i-Khumri district of northern Baghlan in 1955. He is graduated from Bagh-i-Shamal high school and then went to neighboring Pakistan in 1980. He returned back to his homeland in 2005 and served in agriculture field. After Transitional Authority, he was chosen as senator to Meshrano Jirga by president Hamid Karzai twice.
Contacts: 0700683880, 0799890595