45-Bibi Haji Khairu Nisa Ghami:
Elected Senator
Bibi Haji Khairu Nisa Ghami 45 is the daughter of Khairuddin Ghami. She was born in Kang District of Nimroz Province in 1963. She passed 14th grade. She served as teacher in different schools of Zaranj City, trainer of outreach department of Joint Electoral Management Body and as representative of Nimroz in Constitution Codification Secretariat.
Contact:  0797038718
46- Bii Haji Roh Gul Khairzad:
Elected Senator
Bibi Haji Roh Gul Khairzad 46 is the daughter of Haji Mohammad Amin Khairzad. She was born in Kang District of Nimroz in 1974. She achieved 14th grade education. She worked as secretary and the deputy of Nimroz provincial Council, member of cultural committee, member of Zaranj Naswan High school, midwife and tutor for women during the regime of Taliban. Roh Gul was injured along with her husband on Kabul-Kandahar Highway in Ghazni province in an attack by Taliban gunmen in August 2013. Her daughter and one of her bodyguards were killed in the attack.
Contact: 0799659800-0799659199
74- Saleha Mehrzad Barekzai:
Selected Senator
Saleha Mehrzad Barekzai 74 is the daughter of Mehr Ali. She was born in Chakhansor District of Nimroz province. She graduated from Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training Institute in 1978. She discharged her duties as teacher, principal of high school and the served as public representative in the parliament.
Contact: 0799644800