Dr. Hazrat Shah Nuristani:
Elected Senator from Nuristan,
Son of Haji Amiruddin, Dr. Hazrat Shah Nuistani is born in 1957 in Waigal district of Nuristan province. He did MD in medical field. He served as a doctor in Sardar Muhammad Dawood Khan hospital. He was a medical coordinator with MI--- an NGO. He headed the Nuristan Hospital Health Department. He served as a trainer in PSF NGO.
Contact: 0700285903
Hafiz Abdul Qayyum:
Elected Senator from Nuristan,
Hafiz Abdul Qayyum is the son of Ghulam Ullah who is born in 1975 in Warma district of Nuristan province. He has his education in Islamic studies and BA in Arabic literature. He served in Afghanistan Ulama Counicl, head of Nuristan Ulama council, and advisor to education minister and religious affairs. Also, he discharged his duties as senior advisor to the Nuristan governor. He has political affiliation with Dawat-i-Islmi party led by Ustad Sayyaf.
Contact: 0799823073
Email: hafiznuristani@yahoo.com