57 – Mohammad Asif Azimi:
Elected Senator:
Son of Mohammad Nabi, Mohammad Asif Azimi was born in the first municipality district of the provincial capital in northern Samangan in 1967. He completed his high school education and then joined the ranks of Mujahedeen in the fight against soviet. Having political affiliation with the Jamiat-i-Islami party, Azimi serves as senator in Meshrano Jirga.
Contacts: 0788333877, 0799195489
58 – Haji Sayed Aqa Husain Hashimi:
Elected Senator:
Haji Sayed Aqa Husain Hashimi is the son of Haji Sayed Shahzadai. He was born in the Dara-i-Souf district of northern Samangan in 1964. Hashimi served as Jihadi commander and joined Mujahedeen in the fight against soviet. He has political affiliation with Harkat-i-Islami party of Afghanistan and acts as a senator in Meshrano Jirga.
Contacts: 0778830842, 0707774030
Emails: khaliqalavi@yahoo.com
87 – Aziza Muslih:
Selected Senator:
Daughter of Haji Sayed Mohammad Salih, Aziza Muslih was born in the capital city of Aibak in northern Samangan province in 1954.
He holds diploma from Samangan Teacher Training College and had served as school teacher, headmaster and principal.
Contacts: 0788264083, 0799126057