67 – Haji Mohammad Dawood Asas:
Elected Senator:
Son of Haji Abdul Rahman, Haji Mohammad Dawood Asas was born in the provincial capital of Zabul in 1973. He completed his high school education. Earlier, he served as director of a construction company.
Contacts: 077492977, 0706060035
68 – Dr. Zalmai Zabuli:
Elected Senator:
Dr. Zalmai Zabuli is the son of Haji Abdul Rashid. He was born in the capital city of Qalat. He holds master degree in medical field and has compiled a dictionary, medical terminologies and a general surgery book from English to Pashtu language. Earlier, Zabuli served as director of 200-bed hospital of Kandahar, public health director, Zabul unity council head and head of Tokhi tribe in Zabul province.
Contacts: 0706884753  
80 – Haji Mohammad Hassan Hotak:
Elected Senator:
Son of Sher Yaqub Khan, Haji Mohammad Hassan Hotak was born in the Shinki district of central Zabul province in 1953.
He completed his primary school education and served as school teacher, headmaster and then head of a revenue department. Previously, he worked as commander of Hezb-i-Islami party.
Contacts: 0700353124