Maidan Wardak Governor Abdul Majid Khugyani is the son of Abdullah Khan. He is the grandson of general Wila Jan. He is born in 1954 in Obisa, a hamlet in Khugyani district of Nangarhar province.
He got his early education at his home town. He studied middle and high education in Habibia High School in Kabul. He got his bachlor degree in economics from Kabul University.
During the Russian invasion, he spent one year in prison and then migrated to Pakistan. He again returned to Afghanistan and started Jihad till the expulsion of Russains from the war-battered country.
Back in 1992, he served as head of department of rural development in Nangarhar for four years. Similarly, he was elected as MP for lower house from Nangarhar during the 15th tenure. He is the deputy of economic commission of the lower house.
Khugyania is appointed in 2012 as governor of Miadan Wardak province by President Hamdi Karzai.