Son of Abdul Kabir Nuristani, Muhammad Tamim Nuristan is the grandson of Abdul Wakil Khan. He hails from Kantiwa, a locality in the central Nuristan and was born in 1957.
He completed his early education at his hometown while he received his secondary education in Kabul. He got his higher education in electrical from the United States.
He served as Jihadi commander in his home province in 1978. He was a member of Jamiat-i-Islami Party.
During initial years of President Karzai’s regime, Tamim Nuristani returned from the U. S. and appointed as governor of Nuristan. After serving for some time as governor, he was relieved and replaced by another governor. But he was appointed again on the same post and in the same province in 2010.
Tamim Nuristani can speak Pashtu, Dari, English, Pashai and Nuristani. He visited many foreign countries.
Contact: 0793217007