1 – The Association of Samangan Youth and Writers:
The Association of Samangan Youth and Writers has been striving to promote and encourage the cultural and literary fields in the province. Dozens of eminent poets have their memberships of the association. It holds monthly literary meetings to discuss a host of issues and exchange views how to address the challenges being confronted to the sectors.
2 – Samangan Theatre and Cinema Association:
The Samangan Theatre and Cinema Association has its focus on promotion of cinema and theatre sectors in the province. The association is the lone known art group that is functioning to enhance the vital entertainment related sector.
3 – Samangan Calligraphers and Painters Association:
Samangan Calligraphers and Painters Association is working to put the country’s neglected arts of calligraphy and painting sectors on modern lines. The association put dozens of paintings on display for public in 2013. Many paintings fan were being trained by the association in an attempt to further bolster the sector.
4 – Bakhtar Cultural Association:
Bakhtar Cultural Association serves the masses in cultural and social fields for the past five years in northern Samangan province. It has dozens members and holds regular meetings in order to enhance their academic capacities.  
5 – Toran Cultural Association:
The Toran Cultural Association was established by the youths and elders in northern Samangan province in 2008. It has been working to revitalize the cultural and social fields.
6 – Cultural, Understanding and Unity Council of Samangan Youth:
 The Cultural, Understanding and Unity Council of Samangan Youth is functioning in northern Samangan province with a view to bring cultural and social activities back on track with renewed zeal. Known as the only coordination body of youth, the council is taking active part in political activities of the province.