1- Rasa Art and Cultural Society:
The pioneer of civil societies in Kunar province, the Rasa Art and Cultural Society is established back in 2001, however, efforts were made uring the Taliban regim to establish then but it could not be done at that time. Headed by Nizamuddin Malya, its main office is located in Asad Abad, the capital of Kunar. The society is striving hard to promote and sustain the cultural and art related activities.
2- Sayed Jamal-u-Din Afghan Civil Society:
Sayed Jamul-u-Din Afghan civil society is formed in 2007 by the youth of different districts in an apparent attempt to serve the society. People from almost all walks of life join hands including culturists and columnist to move the cause of the society forward. Dr. Nizamuddin has the credit to establish the society in an attempt to keep the youth united.
3- Youth Education and Cultural Society:
The society is established in 2003 by Ustad Fareedullah Hasam. The Youth Education and Cultural Society are working in larger interests of the youth of the region to bolster their education ratio.
4- Educated Youth Society:
Founded by Mohammad Tayyeb Atta in 2003, the society strives to boost the education sector by teaching tuitions to students, save youth from drug addiction and organize sports events. The society has more than one thousand members.
5- Youth Ideological Movement Society:
The Youth Ideological Movement Society is established by youths in 2012 in Marwarai district. The society strives to encourage youth to get more education and develop their skills in other professions and welfare organizations. Muhammad Saeed Mamoond is heading the society.
6- Shpol Art Movement:
Founded by poets, writers and other artists at Khas-Kunar district in 2004, the movement strives to revive promote and arrange art and poetry concerts. Mir Salam Mojawar heads the society.
7- Khas Kunar Art and Cultural Society:
Khas Kunar Art and Cultural Society is established back in 2006 in Khas Kunar district to protect the antiquity and keep flourish the native language. The cultural related activities and contributions are being appreciated across the province. Irfanullah Kotwal heads the society.
8-Iklas Cultural and Art Society:
Founded by Hazrat Wali Taron in 2009, Iklas Cultural and Art Society strive to promote, bolster and arrange poetry and arts function in Wattapur district.
9-Youth Reformation Society:
Youth Reformation Society is established by youth in 2001 in Asad Abad city, the capital of Kunar province. Currently, Maulvi Farmanullah is heading the society.
10-Youth Awareness Uon Society:
Youth awareness Uon Society is established in 2009 by energetic youth in order to look after the affairs of youth in the province. Muhammad Saffar Sapi head the society.
11- Elected Federation of Kunar Youth:
The federation is established in 2009 by the youth of Kunar. All civil and cultural societies in the province have their membership.The federation is committed to work for the betterment of youth in terms of exploring jobs and other opportunities. Ashiqullah Chakari is head of Kunar Youth.
12-Kunar Youth Social and Cultural Society:
Founded by Khaya-lu-din Ihasas in 2008 in Gazi Abad district. The society is striving to work for the progress and prosperity of youth of the region.
13-Cultural Society of National Desires:
The Cultural Society of National Desires is founded in 2008 in Narai district by Dr. Nawaz Haqiqat Saneen. It works out special programs for the education, economic and cultural development of youth.
14-Paywand Cultural Society:
The society is founded in Shaigal district of Kunar province. Heading by Aminullah Sayel, the society holds cultural activities to promote tradition of the people of the province.
15- Asmar Cultural Society:
Headed by Akhtar Muhammad Momand, Asmar Cultural Society is established in 2005 at Asmar.
16-Youth Cultural Society:
The Youth Cultural Society is established by Ajmal Hussain in Wattapur district with the aim to enhance the capabilities of the youth.
17-Soki Cultural Movement:
It is an active civil society in Soki district of Kunar province. Soki cultural movement holds poetry and cultural functions. Headed by Asif Miankhel, the movement is formed in 2005.
18-Youth Cultural Movement:
Founded by Abdullah Nizami, the youth cultural movement has been striving to manage and organize cultural functions to boost the decades old tradition of the people. Youth of the province run the society.
19-Sarkan Youth Reformation Society:
It is a cultural society, which is established in Sarkan district in 2009. It is formed to expand cultural activities in larger interests of the people.
20-Noor Gul Youth Reformation Society:
The society is established in 2008 in Noor Guldistrit. It is working for the welfare of youth and to introduce some sort of youth reforms. It is headed by Khan Rehman.