1-      Alingar Cultural Youn:
The Alingar Cultural Youn is established in Alingar district of Laghman province in 2003, which is still functioning. The Alingar Cultural Youn has organized dozens of cultural related functions. It main objectives are to celebrate cultural events amid its crowded membership.
Contact No: 0700830916          
2-      Laghman Art Movement:
Founded in 2000, the Laghman Art Movement has the credit of organizing various art functions. Headed by Bashir Ahmad Sahil, large number of people have its membership.
Contact No: 0798483832     
3-      Independent Society of Eastern Journalists and Writers:
Headed by Ustad Lal Pacha Azmoon, the society is established in 2003.The Independent Society of Eastern Journalists and Writers is the mutual platform of Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman and Nuristan writers with Jalalabad is its headquarters.The society contributed much more to promote culture and journalism.
Contact No: 0786500517
E-mail: lalpachaazmoon@gmail.com, mmahbobshah@gmail.com    
4-      Pathan Art Movement:
The Pathan Art Movement is founded in 2004 in Mehtar Lam, the provincial capital of Laghman. It is established by Dr. Hazrat Ali Hameed and is headed by Faizanullah Faizan. The society has a printing press of books and magazines and the Alingar Magazine had printed here in the past.
Contact No: 0700830916   
5-      Union of Laghman Youth Society:
The Union of Laghman Youth Society is headed by Sherzad Sapi. The society is established back in 2009. The union has membership of hundreds youths belonging to different districts to enhance the objectives to protects and support youth rights.
Contact No: 0787980462   
6-      Youth Art Movement:
Founded in 2012 in Laghman, the Youth Art Movement quickly started its cultural activities. The movement is headed by Javed Masroor and it has membership of dozens of people.
Contact No: 0788109766   
7-      Mehtar Lam Women Rights Supporting Society:
The vital society was established in 2013, which is headed by Shila Mohammadi. The Mihtar Lam Women Rights Supporting Society is working to create awareness among women with regard of education and their rights.
Contact No: 0787380277   
8-      Laghman Youth Federation:
Founded in 2010, the Laghman Youth Federation has the membership of youths from different districts to secure the rights of youth of the province. Headed by Samimullah Mohammadi, the federation strives to support, secure and promote youth rights in the country.
Contact No: 0791623132