1 – Paktika Civil Society Institution:
The Paktika Civil Society Institution was established in 2008. The institution is operating in the capital Kabul. Headed by Gen. Mohmand Katwazai, the institution has around 50 members.
2 – Paktika Independent Journalists Union:
The Paktika Independent Journalists Union was established by Mohammad Yasin Yasin in 2008. The institution strives to boost coordination among journalists and address problems being confronted by the journalists’ fraternity.
3 – Cultural Association of Paktika Youth:
The Cultural Association of Paktika Youth was set up by Azizullah Amir in southeastern Paktika province in 2013. Membership of the association is touched the figure of around 800 individuals.
4 – Cultural Association of Urgon Youth:
The Cultural Association of Urgon Youth was formed in southeastern Paktika in 2009. The association work in Urgon district and the strength of its members reach to 500 individuals. Yaqoub Khan Manzoor heads the association.
5 – Youth High Council:
The Youth High Council was established by the Information and Culture Department in southeastern Paktika province. Inamullah Gawhar heads the council.
6 – The Union of Paktika Shopkeepers:
Established by Gulzada Hamidi in 2008, the Union of Paktika Shopkeepers represents the entire shopkeepers and traders communities in the province. Haji Niaz Khan heads the union.  
7 – High Council of Sharan Tribes:
The High Council of Sharan Tribes was formed by Haji Akbar Khan in southeastern Paktika province in 2008. Head of the council was chosen through the use of ballots being held after every two years. Currently, Mullah Masoom leads the organization.  
8 – Ghatool Association:
The Ghatool Association was set up by Abdul Bari Naeemi in southeastern Paktika in 2006. The association helps facilitate poetry related contests and literary meetings throughout the province.
9 – Paktika Literary Caravan:
The caravan was formed by Inamullah Gohar in southeastern Paktiak in 2013. The caravan holds poetry related contests and assessments meetings for writers and poets in the province. It has its focus to promote poetry and encourage writers to demonstrate their skills and abilities.