1 – Anbir Development Association:
Anbir Development Association was established in 2011. It has launched capacity development programs and strived to bolster cinema and theater. It is also offering computer and English language training programs for people. Atila Noori heads the organization.
Contacts: 0793779182
2 – Bahar Agriculture and Livestock Items Selling Association:
Established in 2010, the association extends cooperation to help flourish the vital agriculture sector and facilitate the growers’ community in larger national interests.
Contacts: 0799650985
3 – Peace Association:
Peace Association was set up in 2011, which had been striving to encourage cheese, silk production, processing and soap making field. Simeen Azimi heads the association. 
Contacts: 0797091945
4 – Ali Ibni Sina Association:
The association launches its work back in 2011. It strives to create awareness among women and children regarding their health.
Contacts: 07989084480  
5 - Qalam Social Foundation:
Created in 2011, Qalam Social Foundation has been functioning to improve women’s educational capacity. It also extends all out cooperation in handicraft field. Masoma Mirzayee heads the foundation.
Contacts: 0795870242
6 – Kulba-i-Sabz Association:
Kulba-i-Sabz Association has started functioning in 2011. It is working primarily to strengthen women capacities in various fields. Lifan Uruzgani heads the association.
Contacts: 0899378863
7 – Kahkashan Association:
Kahkashan Association was established in 2011. It helps to educate the concerned stakeholders in the poultry field.
Contacts: 077805924