Earlier, Daikundi was a district when it was upgraded to a status of a province in 2005.
Despite its fresh emergence, the province obtained substantial progress in terms of civil society establishment.
Currently, 10 civil society organizations are active in the province.
1-      Daikundi Human Rights and Civil Society Organization:
Founded in 2010, the Daikundi Human Rights and Civil Society Organizationis was earlier known as an institute of civil society cooperation.
 It strives to work for the promotion of human rights, democratization of Afghanistan, implementation of rule of law, and eventually building the state by keeping in view the above mentioned values.
Back in 2003, an amalgamation of as many as 28 NGOs helped jointly established the organization. The strength of its membership has now surged to 112 individuals.
Contact No: 0774295958 – 0708938934
Email: Shariati_rahmat@yahoo.com   
2-      Daikundi Civil Society Network:
Founded in 2012 by civil society organization, the Daikundi Civil Society Network aims to work for greater cooperation and understanding among civil societies. It also strives to protect women rights, prevent violation against women and providing them with easy access to justice.
Sawdabah Mohidi is in charge of the organization.
Contact No: 0779170873
Email: sbmohedi@yahoo.com  
3-      Daikundi’s Women Cultural and Sport Association.
The Daikundi’s Women Cultural and Sport Association was founded in 2011. The association was formally registered with the Ministry of Justice.
The association had been working to promote the vital education and sport sectors with special reference to facilitate women. Shokriah Tabish is the head of the association.
Contact No: 0771818343- 0770228780
Email: En.ghulamhassan@yahoo.com
4-      Justice Treaty Social Organization:
The organization had formally started working in 2012. The organization strives to work for promotion of education and enhancement of students capabilities in cultural and social affairs. Razae is the head of the organization.
Contact No: 0708002521 
E-mail: payman.adalat@gmail.com  
5-      Islamic Development and Integration Council:
Founded in 2010, the council is striving to facilitate women folk and to build their capacity in various areas. It focuses to provide women with a level playing field to bring them into competition so that they could be able to take part in the development of the society. Alam Taj Amiri is the head of the council.
Contact No: 0779052988
6-      Islamic Social Justice High Council:
Founded in 2006, the council was established to provide justice and extend all possible assistance in greater interests of women. The council made remarkable achievements. Roshan Ikhtyari is the head of the council.
Contact No: 0773788962
Email: daikundi_adalatcouncil@yahoo.com
7-      Noor Cultural and Art Association:
Founded in 2010, the association works for the capacity building of young male and female. It is striving to help prevent violation against the young generation. Latifa Sajjadi is the head of the association.
Contact No: 0778586305
Email: sajadi.mahmood@yahoo.com
8-      Youth Cultural Association:
Founded in 2005, the association had been established as a result of tireless efforts by the youth from different parts of the province.
The association had been working to promote greater mutual understanding among youth. It has its provincial capital as well as districts’ offices. The association has 140 members. Ismail Nigarish is the head of the association.
Contact No: 0708302002 – 0778302002
Email: dcya1384@gmail.com      
9-      Nijat Legal and Research Institute:
The institute started its activities in 2012. Its main objectives are to promote research trend in legal, social and cultural issues. Mohammad Tawhidi is the head of the institute.
Contact No: 0774558285 – 0703578362
Email: m.tawhiday@yahoo.com  
10-  Daikundi Journalists Association:
Founded in 2009, the Daikundi Journalists Association had been established to support journalists and help build their capacity in the field of journalism.
The association had been striving in Daikundi. It is headed by Dosh Mohammad Raja.
Contact No: 0772268993-0708302025
E-mail: m_raja20@yahoo.com