1.      Ali Akbar Jamshidi:
Elected senator:
Son of Ibrahim, Senator Ali Akbar Jamshidi was born in Sang Takht district of Daikundi in 1974. He achieved his 12th grade education and then served as staff member of Sang Takht Bander Education Department. He discharged his duties as manager of education department of the district.
Contact: 0706699065
2.      Haji Sayyed Mohammad Sadat Nasiri:
Elected senator:
Haji Sayyed Mohammad Sadat Nasiri is the son of Sayyed Habib Shah. He was born in Kijran district of Daikundi province in 1974. He completed his 12th grade education and then served as representative of village and head of Maliks (tribal elders) for two years. He discharged his duties as member of Red Crescent Leadership Board for two years. In addition, he took active part in Peace Advisory Jirga and Traditional Jirga. 
Contact:  0706414445-0700001389
3.      Najiba Hussaini:
Selected senator:
Najiba Hussaini is the daughter of Haji Khadim. She was born in Shahristan district of Daikundi province in 1967. She achieved her BA degree in the field of Law and Political Science from Kabul University. She is graduated from Judicial Stage Courses.
She served as school teacher in Daikundi and General Manager of Research in Women Affairs Department. She worked as member of Justice and Judicial Reform Commission.
Contact: 0756015291-0700283420
Email Address: Najiba-hussaini24@ahoo.com