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Sunday, June 2, 2013 - 15:00

JALALABAD CITY (PAN): The residents of eastern Nangarhar province ask Afghan government and international community to address administrative corruption, worsening security and unemployment, execute infrastructure projects, improve education and provide higher education facilities to girls.
Insecurity has recently increased in Nangarhar province, a Wolesi Jirga member, Lailuma Wali Hakimi, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Hakimi, who hails Nangarhar in lower house, said without Jalalabad city, other districts of the province were 90 percent insecure and government officials were unable to easily commute in some parts of the province due to negligence of Afghan government and international community.
She added Afghan government should provide security, the move would pave ways to other activities in the province. Hakimi said: “Many problems will be resolved, if security is improved in the province.”
According to her, 50 percent youths in the province experience joblessness, urging Afghan government and international community of execute infrastructure projects to eliminate joblessness in the province.
A provincial council member, Zabihullah Zmarai said that Afghan government and international community did nothing to Afghanistan, especially Nangarhar. As a result, the move led to increasing insecurity, redundancy, with residents of some areas lacked access to education and potable water.
He said administrative corruption is on peak and central administration should focus on the issue, “Millions of afghanis pick pocketed and peace efforts stopped.”
He believed the ongoing situation would improve very soon, if authorities focus on tackling administrative corruption, lawlessness, enhancing security.
Another member of high peace council, Jabarkhil said many girls in remote parts of the province have no access to education, where schools lacked buildings, asking officials to facilitate education facilities to the young generation.
She said: “Girls can’t complete even high school and their rights are violated.”
Jabarkhil asked the international community to do more in areas of women rights in Nangarhar, where everything has been undertaken in this regard was symbolic.
Career opportunities were not favorable to women in the province, according to Jabarkhil, who asked for protection of women rights and punishment of the violators.
A member of writers and journalist independent union in east, Omid Hairan said without considering merit, many individuals in government departments were hired based on compromises and nepotism “Many problems will be resolved, if officials follow professionalism.”
A student of Nangarhar University, Aisha said they were deprived of proper education environment, which goes to varsity despite many cultural restrictions.
She said they also faced many problems in the university, where many lecturers were only university graduates; instead they should have master or doctorate in their field.
She added: “Afghan government and international community should train cadres, if willing the new generation to have a bright future.”
Although the primary problems of Nangarhar residents have been resolved, but the main problems as ensuring security and executing infrastructure projects yet to be determined, Salim Jan, a prayer leader at Kagi bazaar of Khogyani district said.    
He asked Afghan government and international community to seek resolution to the above problems because many youths have joined militancy due to unemployment.
He also asked the armed opposition to renounce insurgency and join Afghan government to rebuild the country.
There are many problems about irrigation of land in many districts lacked water to dampen their farms, Tahsinullah, a farmer from Chaparhar district said.
He added if regular watering system was facilitated, the move would result in enhancing agricultural crops, boosting growers economy and provide work opportunities to many people.
He added: “There is a need to build green houses, because Pakistan store our agricultural crops in green houses and resell it on us with higher prices.”
Declined to be named, one of surrendering rebel, said the government yet to honor the promises held out to execute development projects in their areas.
Previously, they received money when they were running insurgency, but now Afghan government is unable to provide career opportunities to them.   
He added: “We become enemy with the Taliban, but now we are jobless, I don’t know what I have to do.”
Nangarhar is located in east of Kabul which shared long border with neighbouring Pakistan and residents of this province are busy in agriculture, livestock and private business.