KHOST CITY (PAN): For the last few years, the strategically located Khost Province is heading on path to progress in terms of completion of development projects but some of the schemes are yet to be completed, officials and residents say.
Khost Governor Abdul Jabar Naeemi said that the province sees huge improvement in reconstruction sector during the last ten years. He said that roads linking districts with the provincial capital have been paved.
“Canals, water dams, buildings for schools, health care centers, government offices, and military bases have been built,” he informed. Following extended support by the PRT and the government, more than 200 kilometer roads linking districts with provincial capital have been constructed.
Eng. Mamoor Shah, head of public works department said that a large number of buildings for government departments and roads of districts have been constructed. He said that three roads linking Pakistan with Afghanistan have been built, which are being used for export and import purposes. He said that the roads have been paved following financial support extended by the PRT and the foreign forces based in Khost.
Lauding the government for carrying out a large number of development activities, residents of Khost express satisfaction by saying that they did not expect reconstruction of such a huge magnitude in a decade. 
Ahmad Shah, a resident of Khost city told Pajhwok Afghan News that the key demand of the residents has been met, adding, however the lone and much-needed Khost- Gardiz road, also linking Kabul with Khost need to be built, which would multiply development activities.
Head of Khost economic department said that the road plays a role like that of arteries in human body, adding that a country without paved roads could not get progress and development. The economy of the people witnesses greater improvement since the development of roads, he added.
Several projects under the National Solidarity Prorgamme (NSP) have been implemented following repeated demands by the residents of the province, NSP Head Eng. Basir said.
In a greater development, he said that around 1500 projects have been implemented under the NSP worth millions of dollars, which helped benefited the war-weary people.
“The implemented projects include construction of supporting walls, dug wells, roads, water dams, gabions, bridges, mills, and other small power projects,” he added.
Eng. Basir admitted that deteriorated security situation in some areas hampering implementation of NSP projects. Some residents complain that the government is unable to implement the reconstruction projects in the province.
Sayed Mir Khan, a resident of Baak District said that his area has no share in the NSP projects, adding that the government should put in place stringent security measures in an attempt to facilitate implementation of the projects.
Sayed Zaman, a resident of Maton District said that some of the development projects have been halted because of differences within the community. He said that the government should come forward to resolve the discrepancies among the community members otherwise the projects could not be implemented.
Insecurity elsewhere in Baak, Ali Sher, and Sabari Districts causes delay in completion of NSP supported projects.
Dr. Amir Badshah Rahmatzai Mangal, head of health department in Khost said that the health sector witnessed record completion of health projects including the construction of a 150-bed hospital in the provincial capital financed by the PRT worth $9 million. 
Dr. Mangal informed that earlier there was dire need to ensure provision of health facilities to the people in the past but the newly built hospital would go a long way to address the longstanding health problem of the residents. He said that health centers have been established in districts, which would serve the people at their door step.
Eng. Mohammad Naseem, director of water and energy said that dozens of projects have been implemented since 2005, including projects of supportive walls, water dams, and canals keeping in view the need of the people. He said that the projects would help people to irrigate their hundreds of acres lands.
Naeemi said that $7 million has been allocated from the Afghan government budget for the construction of civil airport, which would be 4, 000 meter long and 2, 500 meter wide. He said that the yet to be build airport would have a fencing wall some security posts to protect the airport.
The residents of the area say that construction of an airport is a right step toward right direction.
Muhammad Zaman Nazari said that the construction of the airport would generate more job opportunities for the residents of the area.
Baryalai Rawan, public relation head of Khost Province said that a building for customs purposes would be built at the cost of 7.5$ million to be financed by the World Bank next to the airport in the city.
He said that the custom office would help facilitate the business community, which was one of the long standing demands of the Khost people.
Khost Custom Head Qarar Shah expressed satisfaction by saying that the construction of the custom building would minimize the problems of the residents, adding that the custom office would be a source of revenue generation.
Some residents express concern over the slow-paced progress of development activities by saying that the last ten years did not see any hectic completion of projects.
Ajmal, resident of Tani District said that some direly needed projects could not be implemented in the province. He said that Khost is an agriculture Province with over 80 % population is associated with the profession of agriculture but the sector could not be developed as it is needed.
He said that there is dire need for construction of big and small dams.
Zai-ur-Rahman, a resident in Khost city said that the main problem the residents face is the shortage of electricity in the province, which needs to be resolved without further delay.
He expresses pessimism by saying that he does not see any ray of hope that Khost will get enough electricity for the upcoming three years