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Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 09:45

Tarinkot (PAN): Residents of the provincial capital and districts demand of the government to do more to further develop and promote the vital education and health sectors, fearing that both the sectors experience downward trend.
A resident of Tarinkot said the available public hospital in the city does not afford to provide the needed services, forcing many people to shift their patients to Kandahar or Pakistan where they face immense problems.
He demanded of the government to help equip their hospitals with modern medical tools, which would help them treat their patients locally.  
Expressing same sort of concern, Abdul Bari, another resident of Tarinkot said people have no access to health services. He said that the problem is that private health clinics also offer the same health services like in public hospitals, adding that the government should take measure to improve the health sector.
Khas Uruzgan is a remote district in northwest of Tarinkot where residents complain of the same problems in health sector. Abdul Ali. a resident of the district told Pajhwok Afghan News that his locality has only one health clinic with one doctor. 
He demanded of the health department and the government to ensure deployment of more doctors in the district hospitals in an attempt to minimize the problems of the people.
Ahmadullah, a resident of Charchino district also complain that they have no access to health services and mostly their patients expire on their way to hospitals to the neighboring provinces or center.
Hussain Ahmad, the resident of Dehrawood district said that most of the time, women expire in delivery cases because of absence of gynecological services.  
Sediqullah, a resident of Chinarto district in a chat with Pajhwok Afghan News while complaining of absence of health facilities said that in most parts, children even do not know what the school is. He blamed the education department for doing nothing to promote education in the area. Haji Mira Khan, another resident of the locality, said that education department officials are reluctant to efficiently discharge their duties, which tend to plunge the coming generation into darkness. “The main problems include deficiency of professional teachers and lack of teachers’ attendance in schools. There are some instances that teachers do not go to schools but their salaries are being paid,” he added.
He demands of the government to appoint an independent commission to evaluate the education sector and its officials’ performance.